Thursday, March 18, 2010

Here's the Plan

So I have a suggestion for next year's Patrick's day.
Every year the news comes on, on the 17th of March and tells us that there were wonderful parades all around the country, and then, with just the slightest trace of smugness (a bit like the expression on herself in the above photo) - the announcer tells us that the biggest parade of all was held in Dublin. Every single year.
I'm not sure whether you are aware of this effect - whether this prevails in your country but here - in terms of media - Dublin is the centre of the universe.
I only realised how much so when I actually moved here and found that all the best traffic jams, murders, best shops, nightclubs etc basically anything really newsworthy in the whole country happens here. The news was no longer happening far away - it was on streets I knew, near places I drove past. And if I had never lived outside the capital, I've a feeling I would think there was nothing else in the country.
Anyway - next year let's for once and for all show that things and stuff can happen outside of the big city. Let's get the Patrick's Day Parade organisers for Limerick, Galway, and Cork together and club all their groups to have a huge big parade in the smallest town we can find out the country...
Everyone should go to this parade in the middle of the countryside, and then we'll set the timers on our tvs to tape the surprised look on the face of the girl on the six one news when she announces: "The biggest parade this year was held in Du.... I mean .... Ballyrathfoylemement (?!) with 250000 attendees and 1342 floats"
Let's do it.
It'll be great.


Totalfeckineejit said...

I had a wart cured in
Ballyrathfoylemement,I had to run backwards three times around this hawthorn bush at midnight in the nip ,maybe they could do a float about it.

Titus said...

Count me in. I love dressing up!
Does it work for veruccas?

Niamh B said...

TFE- they could do a whole hour on Nationwide about that.
Thanks Titus, knew I could count on you - am sure TFE will get back to you re the verucca

Elisabeth said...

1965, St Patrick's Day parade through the streets of Melbourne, Australia. Two thousand school girls and boys representing at least fifty catholic schools from throughout out the city of Melbourne, march in honour of our Irish forbears. Archbishop Mannix heads the procession.

If we can do it here in Australia in the sixties, then you can do it there in Ireland now.

Let's us all raise the bar.

Niamh B said...

Thanks for that Elisabeth... we'll see how we're fixed this time next year then.
Though representatives of the clergy would prosibly not be the most popular choice to lead the parade here, just at the moment...

Totalfeckineejit said...

Definitely prosibly Nivby.

Yes Titus, this remedy cures all ailments known to man (except early anterior patulous goats bollock syndrome, which requires either surgery, or very baggy trousers.)

Totalfeckineejit said...

Ps. I'd love to be on Nationwide, I met the blondey auld one in Dunnes and she was really nice and let me take her photograph.