Thursday, May 26, 2011

Trashy Thrillers & Margarine

I'm reading Ultimatum just now. 3 quarters of the way through - it claims on the luminous orange cover to be gripping, smart and a persuasive thriller. So far it's been nothing but political meetings and speeches. No action whatsoever. Not that I'm looking for action exclusively, but a little might be no harm. Maybe they put the wrong book inside the cover and somewhere someone is reading something genuinely gripping when they were really only wanting something brainless and slow paced to while away the hours.

In other news - this is the closest thing to a stork sighted anywhere near the Various Cushions environs, so I am busy making hundreds of plans for the weekend - and round here the weekend starts on a Thursday... watch out world!!


The Poetry Bus said...

At least your photography is still brilliant.

Niamh B said...

Why thank you, it's good to know my old talents are still recognised