Saturday, May 14, 2011

Got my lipstick on

Ok, not really, no lipstick on... but I am more than half hoping that Jedward do alright at the Eurovision tonight.
I went to the Eurovision once - the year Lordi won, wanted to see Athens anyway (she insists).
I might update this as the competition rolls on, right now I'm on the couch awaiting the beginning after a tough day wrestling with Saul Bellow...(Saul is seriously evil - I read and read for hours and still feel no closer to the world of the book, and yet there's something there pulling me on through it) the sun is shining in Lucan.

First ad break - and the light is beginning to dull outside - in summary
Finland is an old sweety pie
Bosnia were bouncy, friendly wavy people
Denmark had a nice song, but the image didn't fit
Lithuania were looking for the deaf vote with sign language - interesting strategy
Hungary - mecentric song, light up clothes on backing singers is always good
Jedward did as well as could be expected, fingers and toes crossed for em
Sweden - a bit bland
Estonia - I like the song and the acting and boxes, can't go wrong
Greece - creepy deep voice, not great
Russia - creepy lyrics - "Put my mind in a dirty zone" - with light up clothes almost making up for it
France - slightly out of tune - dog was snoring
Italy - jazzy and cool - I enjoyed it - woke up the dog with the trumpet

Ad Break - for about 10 seconds, deep breath, back into it

Switzerland - bouncy happy disney background and smiley singing
UK The band Blue flash up fleshy nudey shoulder upwards pics of themselves that make me kinda wish they hadn't
Moldova - funny hats, funky laughing going on, definite circus atmosphere, not bad at all
Germany - cool and sexy, a little bjorky - Lena has a good chance of winning back the title with her alien friends
Romania - change the world - cheesey grinny pop, have to say Finland's world saving ballad convinced me alot more.
Austria - quiet song that builds a bit but ultimately choiry and slack (ooh I'm getting tougher as the night wears on)
Azerbaijan - very sticky song - understandable that it's a favourite. Mam says she's sewn into the dress.
Slovenia - a leathery slinky song - not brilliant by any means

Only 5 more songs to go!!
Iceland can't wait till tomorrow - well at least that'll mean the song will be over - bland pop
Spain - pink bridesmaid dress, chirpy - no marcarena though
Ukraine - sand picture and goldy feathers - me love - so transfixed by the performance I can't hear the song tho.
Serbia - 60's happy chirpy song - v strong effort - colourful tights

One last song - at this rate I'd be happy to see Jedward get into the top 10 - very high standard
Georgia - heavy metalic, with a quirky dress... not threatened by them.

So now - time to relax till the votes start rolling in... and see how wrong my instincts/ judgements are (call them what you will)

And the votes are rolling in - neighbours are voting for neighbours - the usual yawn... funny that the audience are absolutely hating it tho - I predict a riot!!

Even Marty has given up hope. Yerrah, they did well, with all the pally votes we're lucky we broke 100 points really!


Titus said...

I loved Germany! Bit Portishead I thought. How come all the girls can sing strongly and in tune, and all the men are so crap (and I include Blue, big time, in that). Jedward were brilliant, but they are, technically, boy aliens.

swiss said...

what was it the guardian said about moldova. oh yes, it would be this -

Amazing. It’s like watching the opening titles to David The Gnome after being concussed with a giant hammer made of drugs.

they were brilliant!

Niamh B said...

Heya Titus, I was watching jedward on youtube all day doing interviews - they're just so silly I love em. There were alot of high quality acts in there alright, Germany was one of the best actual "song" songs.
To defend the men though Mr Finland was great I thought, and I did like Italy.
Moldova were great alright Swiss, esp with the crazy laughing, ye need the likes of them - otherwise it wouldn't be the Eurovision.

the watercats said...

See, even though i hate the sort of music the Eurovision dishes up, somehow, the fact that it's the eurovision makes it acceptable.. it's so bad it's good. Most years we spend it at home, with sweets and beers and have a good old laugh, but last night we had to go to dinner with a friend of ours who doesn't get the cheese appeal at all.. so we didn't watch it :-( just tuned in to see the last few results. Jedward, were made for something like the Eurovision, I almost ended up liking them.. the little weirdo's! It's an outrage that such a spineless predictable formatted song won!... mind you... lol! *head desk.. It's the Eurovision!

Niamh B said...

Aw, sorry you missed it!! Avoid that friend like the plague next year. and Yes, holidays must be booked for azerbaijan next year.
I did like their use of the pyrotechnics...

Gerry Snape said...

We held a kind of mad party up north and cheered them on!...jedward that is! loved their backdrop!

Niamh B said...

That's cool Gerry! It's a great night's entertainment isn't it? The backdrop I felt lost it a bit with the noughts and crosses but the silhouettey bits were cool.