Friday, May 20, 2011

Long Grass and Hanna

The down side of having long grass is that teeny tiny downy little baby birds can get trapped in it and you feel all responsible, especially when you're empathising with the parents who are trying to feed their starving starling chick, and by then it's surely too late to get the lawnmower out - twould only make things worse, and your dog is forced into the indignity of performing toilet duties whilst on a leash.
Went to see the film Hanna last night. I have decided only to go to see films that the Chemical Brothers have done the soundtrack for from now on. Bloody, but brilliant (and not actually that bloody - you got good warning when to look away - ie whenever anyone held something fairly pointy aloft - twas time to examine the popcorn bucket)
And an extra bonus point not included in the title but which you, lucky persistent reader get to read as your reward for reading this far... (reading rewarded with more reading? how could that possibly work)... I feel like someone who has PO'd a school bully, and the bully has promised to beat me up this Sunday, but they may or may not hold true to the timing, and it may hurt more than anything has ever hurt before, or it may turn out that the bully is a wooss and I barely feel a thing. There are drugs I can take to make it more bearable too, but they may or may not work, and might or mightn't be available if and when I decide I want em. Nothing is definite, all that's for sure is something will happen in the next few weeks, if the world doesn't end tomorrow.
I'm a bit of a control freak y'know, even though I don't seem that way sometimes, I am... so that's making all this extra extra nerve-grating-licious - and no - the control freakery hasn't yet resulted in nesting (unless you count trying to save the baby bird out the back)


120 Socks said...

The music was great in Hanna alright,overall I would give the film a thumbs up both for the soundtrack and many of the visuals. Hanna could have done her training in the long grass out your back, an opportunity missed I think. And never in my life would I have thought you someone who liked to be in control,you hide it well1

Titus said...

I still amazed people get to go out and see films. I have read the reviews.

Aha! Once you start painting things like there's no tomorrow you will know that at 2am that night everything is going to kick off. Ooh, it's so exciting!

Domestic Oub said...

From one secret control freak to another, focus on the day after you run into the bully, forward to when you can have everything the way you like it again :)

And I agree with Titus, so exciting!

Niamh B said...

Even Hanna would struggle in that wilderness Socks!! And yes, control freakery can be a sub surface thing I guess.
Hmmm, no painting going on Titus, I did brush the dog's hair yesterday though!
Oub - thanks!!! Can I not just apologize to the bully and get them to let me skip on to the next day though?!