Monday, May 16, 2011

Sale on Luminous Jackets

There must be someone doing a special offer. Them luminous yellow jackets are everywhere. I counted over 40 of them, worn by defenders of the laws of our land - lining the local roads earlier on this evening. I appreciate that there is a need to bolster security around the city with the important new arrival coming soon - and the mania and excitement that is sure to follow any new member of the cushions clan, but really - those poor feckeens, standing around in the rain, looking like they're ready to re-enact that bit in Lord of the Rings with the fires on the hills, except without the hills and the fires... really I can't help feeling it's slightly over the top.


The Bug said...

LOL - You can NEVER be too careful with a new cushion :)

Kat Mortensen said...

You are TOO funny, Niamh! Is there really that much of a presence?

You can find me posting over here, if you're wondering where I've been (she said hopefully).


Kat Mortensen said...

Btw, your doggie is sooo cute with that little beardy bit.

Niamh B said...

Bug, I know!! They looked so forlorn though.

Thanks Kat, that pic is from last year, have to find the lead before an update will be possible... will head over to see you soon!

the watercats said...

I couldn't figure out why they went so over the top in Dublin, but how 'The Rebel County' was allowed to festoon the streets, and she got waddled through the English Market!... I'm sure she flew over our house on the way from Dublin... by the racket in the sky anyway. Mind you, I couldn't be arsed looking, I just presumed the noise was something to do with herself.. :-)