Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Stuff and Things

I am trying to read Herzog at the moment. It has some true gems in there, but is very dense and the book itself keeps getting lost every five minutes, making progress difficult.

In other things cultural, watched "Le Bonheur" and "Mighty Aphrodite" over the last few days - both films with very different takes on life and love, both worth a look. Be prepared for huge escapism in both, some serious laughs, and in the former - one of the best head wrecks seen in ages...

In still other things cultural - Finland was my favourite in the Eurovision last night. It was tough to miss out on fair city for the evening, but singy cheese tops soapy cheese in my house.

I'm still a week and a half away from the estimated arrival date, so no panic there and have done a bit of sorting out of things so that we can impress new family member with our ruthless organisation and cool efficiency. Ordered a slingy thing too on the internet last night (so that I can get on with watching films, blogging and reading while still being a good parent) and it arrived two hours later - powerful service here.
Have noticed that drivers are more aggressive in the capital tho - something I hadn't really copped before - they are impatient, not that it's me they're beeping, but it's true that once people are inside their tin boxes on wheels they stop seeing other people as people - well at least you would hope most of them when walking up a busy path wouldn't scream at someone who was going slightly slower than them to get out of their way.


The Bug said...

I was wondering when you're due. Don't worry - I'll be anxious for you. Heh. Actually, I've heard that people have been doing this for quite a number of years now & it's a piece of cake.

Don't want to burst your bubble, but I think I'm equally rude in my car and in person. Dr. M has calmed me down a LOT, but in my hormonal middle years the simmering rage is closer to the surface again. Sigh.

Emerging Writer said...

A week and a half away? That's loads of time. Sure you don't want to join the other Poetry Divas as we head into the wilds of Meath (Trim) Thursday week? 8pm.

The Dead Acorn said...

There's a law here that says people on bikes have to give audible warning to pedestrians while on sidewalks and paths. That seems reasonable, but there are quite a few jack-ass cyclists who yell "ON YOUR LEFT" while flying by as if it's a command to get out of the way, rather than a polite warning so that they won't be startled. It speaks badly for our whole cycling community, and I try to put my pump in said jack-asses spokes when I can.

This may or may not have been an angry rant that was edited extensively for decency, given that this is the comments section of someone else's blog.

Titus said...

Good luck with the slingy thing. I never got the hang of them.

I'm pretty excited about all this.

Peter Goulding said...

Have you considered Jedward as a name?

Niamh B said...

Thanks Bug, think we've all gone through our aggressive driver phases but hopefully we see the sense in patience after a while.
EW - quite sure! thanks anyway - don't think I could say a poem if my life depended on it!
Acorn - it's probably on its way here too, the shouting on sidewalks/ footpaths... oh the horror.
Titus - excited about the Eurovision? Yeah - went on a tour of the hospital today - so it's all just getting realler and realler all the time (is that how you spell realler?)
Peter - If they win the whole thing and it brings on early labour then I'll surely consider it.

the watercats said...

have you reached a loved up on preganancy hormones stage yet?... by the chillaxed-ness of this post, I'd say you could have :-)

Niamh B said...

not sure - sorta relaxed alright, but an enforced relaxation caused by lack of energy or motivation to do much besides reading, watching crap tv, surfing the internet, etc etc