Thursday, September 2, 2010

Electric Picnic

You are invited to see me performing with the poetry divas at the electric picnic* this Friday evening at 7pm. But what does this mean? Will there be little robot ants? a solar powered picnic blanket? electromagnetic muffins? negative and positively charged sandwiches? All mod cons? a handy microwave and electrolux appliances of all sorts to make it the most dangerous of picnics in the irish weather, considering the possibility of rain on all those plugs and cables?

Nope - I'm afraid this is just another of those marketing counter intuitive "fun" naming things where they take two things normally not associated with each other, and associate them with each other for the purposes of creativity and gently mind bending, minimindstretching if you will. It's kinda like cradle of filth, guns and roses, honey fungus - all cool things nowadays seem to marry two unexpected things together - like "various" and "cushions" Does sound cool though doesn't it? Afterwards I'm heading on the Hurricane Historical society outing.

For real info on the picnic you can always lookie here.

*skip this whole post if you're Irish or if you live near Ireland or near people from Ireland - as you may have already heard of electric picnic (or EP as we like to call it) if so.


Totalfeckineejit said...

Go Divas EP is cool, why if I were 20 years younger and richer, I'd go. And yeah, what is all that incongruity of words like Poetry and Bus?? Mad.

Picnic? I don't think electric. I think rain, wasp sting, warm coke,annoying relatives, angry bulls, scratchy blankets, thermos flasks,hard boiled eggs,
tupperware, red ants,red lemonade,salmonella, nettles,bruises from elder cousins,long car journeys,vomit, poo in the woods,sunstroke,death.

Niamh B said...

Thanks TFE, yes poetry bus was one that sprung to mind there as well... sorry your experiences of picnics have been so harrowing to date.