Monday, September 20, 2010

7 signs

It's back to school time, and knowing of a few who are back into college, I have to remind myself of what has changed since college times for me

7 signs that I'm no longer in college

1. I eat more than just spaghetti on toast, all the time.

2. I no longer leave half cups of coffee in my room until they've grown crusts.

3. I don't marvel at the amount of people who are up at 8.00, and think of them as some sort of weird small subdivision of society.

4. Partys are actually occasion based now, not just a few drinks in someone's house.

5. I usually end up sleeping in my own house, and don't see other peoples houses half as much.

6. I can walk 50 yards without bumping into someone I need to go for coffee with.

7. I have less nights out than in, and nights out are less likely to go past 1am.

7b. There are hardly ever any bikes in the bathroom now.

So what's changed for you in the last 15 years?


Gwei Mui said...

ROFL so true - ah memories of the sideways views of friends flats through bleary eyes with less than half an hour to shower and get into college bright and breezy!
Great post

Totalfeckineejit said...

All my hair and teeth fell out.

Words A Day said...

No Hendrix posters sellotaped to the kitchen wall, hazelnut yohgurt is no longer a treat, wear a lot less suede and velvet and... I don't burst into tears if I can't get out of a Friday night. (Ah no I do really)

Niamh B said...

keep em coming, lol...

No getting excited about finding new beermats in pubs to put on the wall at home.

Gwei Mui said...

OMG you did that too - the beer mats. I had liternally hunderd of them stapled on lon plastic strips which I hun from an old picture rail on one student flat I lived in. Beer mats literally from all over the world where I had been. I wonder what happend to my collection!

swiss said...

15 years ago? my daughter was just a wee bit thing and i couldn't have imagined that in the interim it would be she who would be going off to further education, qualifying, becoming a teacher, leaving me with the unconfortable gao that is her five year plan before she starts reproducing.

and i think it's about time i wore more suede than fifteen years ago

Erratic Thoughts said...

haha.Let me think...umm
Ok I used to watch tv while my mom was out working n expecting me to be studying.So I used to have one eye on TV and the other on the side-window.(I was supposed to be a part of the Nerd gang!)

Chatting for long late hours with frnds in hushed voices...

NanU said...

So true, Niamh! I have completely given up cream of mushroom soup-based hot dishes. And popcorn for dinner. And 'collecting' nickels from friends and family.

Niamh B said...

Ah Gwei, my beermats were just from around cork, nothing very exotic!
Ha Swiss, the cycles return don't they?
Aw ET, me too!
Ha NanU - I wonder how long it took them to figure that one out?

Ok - no more trying to involve strangers in water fights.
And I'm less likely to wake lots of people up with my beautiful singing in the wee hours.
Plus I never tell anyone my name is Penelope anymore.

The Dead Acorn said...

1) I'm with you (though I do still love it.)

2) Nope. Still happens.

3) Weekends still only have one 8 o'clock per day.

4) "A few drinks in someone's house" IS an occasion, is it not?

5 & 6) Yes, thankfully.

7) No and Yes, in that order.

7b) There are currently 7 bikes in my house, but rarely do any make it into the bathroom.

Thinking of your question has made me realize that not a lot has changed since college. I guess I'll interpret that as meaning I've always been lucky to be leading the life I do, rather than as meaning I've been in a rut for a long, long time.

Niamh B said...

Acorn, it's always good to look positively on these things, and it is so hard to train good bikes these days...!

Summer Ross said...

LOL, I love number three because i think that way!
Lets see whats changed..well my writing has for one, and my family, and my ability to say "NO"

Titus said...

This is a closet meme, isn't it? I am going to call you Meme Niamh from now on. Because that's the kind of thing I would have done at college.

re 7b: I had a bike in the a bathroom too!

re the rest: with the exception of the partying, they are still happening in my life. I have all my Led Zeppelin posters. And college was more than fifteen years ago. I think I'd better stop thinking about this one now...

Niamh B said...

Hi Summer - hope your ability to say no has improved rather than disimproved!! and that the others are all changed for the better too!

but sure you're back in college now Titus, so of course it's all happening for you now. Go on and do it so,,, if it's a meme as you say, sure what harm