Wednesday, September 8, 2010


ok ok, so as correctly divined by the divine niamh boyce, perhaps i had a secret yearning, a wee desire for recognition, for my herculean blogging efforts, especially what with the new look etc
(Honestly the new look is taking some getting used to on this side of the screen - tis all snappy and modern looking, I feel too shabby to write my own blog for god's sake, I need a haircut, a new couch, curtains for god's sake, this blog needs a fashionable owner)
Anyway, thanks Niamh for the Award - the versatile blogger award.
Nothing comes without a cost, I'm told, and the cost for this one is 7 facts about the self. I'm quite shady on the self side normally, though this is a personal blog according to the irish blog awards, I'm always careful to keep my true self well away from all your prying eyes (a blog's a bit creepy after all, anyone can read em, even the not nice people in the world, though hopefully the pink keeps those ones from lingering too long). So anyway here's an exclusive 7 things about me that you'll never hear anywhere else...

1. I am watching last night's RTE news as I type this, since I am planning ahead for tomorrow's post since I'm kind of good that way.

2. I talked about myself for about an hour today.

3. I believe the koala should be allowed to be a bear as well as a marsupial - since it's just so cute.

4. I believe my dog should also count as a bear, because she sometimes behaves exactly the same as a bear.

5. I always wanted to be a writer as a kid until someone told me that meant I wanted to be a journalist, and then I found out what a journalist was and decided I didn't like that idea.

6. The surreal nature of blogging is probably one of my favourite things about it, ie answering comments re which animal shouldn't be brought where for various reasons.

7. My biggest problem is wanting to be the best at everything - see blog on aqua aerobics for more (ironically that's one of my many posts with no comments... people were just too impressed)

Right - the reward, I get to pass on the torch to 7 blogs that I love to read....

drumroll please.....

I'm awarding the award to


(loosely in order of their appearance in the comments on my recent post on not wanting any more awards, no worries folks if you don't have time to accept etc...!)


NanU said...

Great post, and congratulations. There should be more bears in the world. Yes, and they should be allowed to forage for blackberries wherever they want. Though I'm not sure the big adult ones are all that cute close up. I hear they have terrible halitosis.

And thanks! I'm honored. (and I was wondering what the heck to blog about tomorrow since I'm skipping my usual Friday meme, just to assert my independence of mind, and this is just so very perfect!)

Titus said...

Whoo Hoo! That's two memes in a week for me! And you thought the meme was dead.
The dog likes honey?
P.S. You can't be the best at everything. I am.
What happened to alphabetical? Get those watercats to the end.

Flattered and delighted.

the watercats said...

ahhh.. we love you too :-D

and also; OOOOHHH!! a list!!!
I'm glad I'm not the only person who's a day behind on the national news... and the koala is a bear by default, sure look at it's presence on most toy shop soft toy cuddly shelves.. (you can have that tongue twister for free!)

Domestic Oub said...

I don't want your smelly award anyway.


(weeps quietly to self in corner)

Titus said...

I didn't realise this meant we got the award too until D'Oub turned up and sulked! I thought we just had to do the meme.
Coo! Even more flattered and delighted now. Especially as D'Oub didn't get it.

Domestic Oub said...

Geniuses (genii?) are never appreciated in their own time... sigh.

(returns to corner)

Niamh B said...

Very welcome NanU - yes, and of course cats should be allowed become bears if they want as well
Glad you're happy Titus, nothing alphabetical here though, tis in rough order of the comments recieved t'other day, now today you woulda won hands down.
Enjoy it watercats! I was actually typing the blog a day ahead, sad little person that I am.
but yes koala is definitely a bear in teddy terms
Ah Oub... if only you'd commented on the other post in time
Titus - don't rub it in!! but enjoy the glory
Oub - I can only advise that you tune in more often - you would have read the contributions on the proper plural word for geniuses if that the case.

Domestic Oub said...

Suspect it is lack of recall, not dedication to your wonderous blog.


Everyone's out to get me today!!

It's so tough being me.

I think I'll give myself an award. And give yous all an anti-award! ha, ha, see how you all like it then!"!




(D'Oub is carted off by the men in the white coats...)

Titus said...

Sorry. I was just teasing but realise now it was cruel.

Niamh said...

You got to talk about yourself for an hour! I'm green with envy...was there anyone else there?! Some people have EVERYTHING... but I'm divine so I don't mind!

ps the surreal arguments are one of my favorites too

Niamh B said...

Ah Oub all is forgiven. No one's out to get you (though that is exactly what they'd say if they were)
Titus, shame on you. lol
Niamh - twas almost as good as getting this award, yes I had an appreciative, if slightly bemused seeming audience, more anon if ever I get another award that tempts me to reveal more - the enigma award perhaps...
and yes - can't beat logging on to respond to mad sounding creatures on ever madder topics, beats real life any time!

Domestic Oub said...




Kat Mortensen said...

Thanks, Niamh! I am so honoured to be on your list with these others (some of whom are my distinct favourites too). Truly! I will check out the ones that I don't know.

I have one of those "no more awards" badges on my blog, but I will put this on "The Kathus" blog and try and respond to the 7 questions soon.

Kat Mortensen said...

Oops! (Have I ever told you I have a memory like a sieve?)

I meant to comment on YOUR list. I wanted to say that talking about yourself for an hour is no problem at all; it's when you talk TO yourself for an hour that you really need to worry. (I think I've done that, actually.)