Saturday, July 10, 2010

Quincy Lehr on the Radio

This week I have the fantabulous Quincy Lehr as my guest on the Sunday Scrapbook, he is taking on the theme of "Exile and Return"

Quincy R. Lehr's first book, Across the Grid of Streets, appeared in 2008, and his second book, Obscure Classics of English Progressive Rock, will appear in 2011. Lehr's poetry has appeared in numerous journals in the U.S., UK, Ireland, and Australia, and he is the associate editor of the Raintown Review. He co-curates the long-running Carmine St. Metrics reading in New York and co-founded Modern Metrics Press in 2006. He lives in Brooklyn.

Quincy will be reading the longest poem we've ever had on the show, among other delights, and if you're free you can hear us chatting then. Some frequently asked questions, or FAQs: (if you're feeling thusly inclined)

When? 4pm on Sunday, as always, (that's 11am in New York, and 4pm in Cork)

Where? over on Liffey Sound as always - link on the right there.

Why? because we feel like it.

What if I miss it? Catch up on the show blog as always..

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