Thursday, July 8, 2010

Bad Things

Up front I have to admit that I very much liked the film "Very Bad Things" but bad things in general in real life... I tend not to like them so much. One man's bad thing is another man's good though, so the taxi driver on liveline yesterday made me laugh out loud when he complained that things are so bad money wise (and things really did sound desperate with having to go the winter without heating as well) that he's had to cancel his sky box (for those on the other side of the world this'd be a tv subscription service), and it wasn't even the good sky package it was a basic one.
I thought that was pretty funny. Maybe it's a bit mean and un-understanding of me just cos I'm not into it, to not sympathise much with a guy who could no longer provide 500 TV channels for his family, in fact I'm sure it actually is mean...
What didn't make me laugh was the sad kind of way the holiday cover presenter tried to drag out the story of another taxi driver's gruesome suicide, unsuccessfully trying to fish the gorey details* from his interviewee and eventually supplying them himself.
In other news, the recession is over, the world is growing by 4.5 % (which is a bit worrying unless we make sure we grow away from the sun, or maybe around it equidistantly in a flexible donut type shape so we can maintain our climatic balance.)

*Incidentally, I used to live in Gorey which led to many's the happy hour of jests, jokes and japes about Gorey details, but here's a real and actual gorey detail for you, the library there is tiny, and the librarians gossip in loud whispers while you root through the large print cowboy story books, or at least they did once about 6 years ago.


Gwei Mui said...

Great post what a name to live in Gorey hehe I guess you truly could say you had some Grey details! Love the idea of expnasion into a donught shape to keep us relative to the Sun.
Thanks Niamh you've gotten my day of to a fabulous start witha broad grin :)

Dominic Rivron said...

Shame you don't still live there - for the simple reason that Gorey Details is a fantastic name for a blog!

Domestic Oub said...

I was listening to the taxi man too - he was quite unsympathetic... hasn't paid his mortage in months yet has money saved in the credit, huh? And yes, the sky tv cancelation - boo hoo. It was everyone elses fault.. Hope it all works out for him though! :o)

Good news on the recession front, that's a weight off my shoulders. I will be expecting the gold plated cheques to start dropping through my letter box again real soon...

the watercats said...

I've never been to Gorey.. and I've never had enough money to even think about about sky (not that I'd even be vaguely interested in watching 500 forms of shite)... but then again, we have three horses!.. now there's an enigma.. or perhaps the reason.. I think it was that funny fella with the glasses said about the class system in Ireland.. thus;
the very poor have horses... and the very rich have horses.. the middle classes are the people without a horse :-D
anywy... great post... :-D
and taxi drivers are generally whining gits anyway, (not that I've been in one for at least 13 years) :-)

Totalfeckineejit said...

I had a cup of Coffee once in Gorey.And a bag of chips.And a 99 with sprinkles.And a rock bun.And drove a van through it.And went into Haytons (Heatons) and Tomas Fungi's (love that name)But apart from that and a few thousand other things, I've never heard of it.Where is it anyway?

The Bug said...

I had an ancient aunt thrice-removed (or something like that) named Gorey. I kid you not. I guess (I HOPE) when she was born the word didn't mean quite the same thing.

Yesterday we were accosted in the yard by a person trying to get us to sign up for some new AT&T mostfabulousthingever cable/phone/internet package. We are looking to save money in that area, but after checking their prices online, NOT with AT&T. I would vote for just getting rid of the TV - but I like to watch baseball :)

Niamh B said...

Tks Gwei - glad you enjoyed.
I know Dominic, I suppose one could use that title anyway, I mean who's going to check?
Oub, I know, me too, on wishin him the best, but it did just make me laugh. Yes the good times are rolling again, champagne all round.
Watercats, can't believe you haven't been there, and you in the right part of the country and all. that's a good one about the horses alright, closest I ever came was my little pony. (there are some nice taxi people too I have to say, I'm recalling my 1 hour trip with the nice taxi man from longford after my car broke down one time)
TFE, It's just south of this terrible little town, which I won't even name for fear of the horror its name recalls to me, which I also used to live in, but have luckily left since... :-)
Bug - that is brilliant, maybe when she was originally born they had a look at her newborn squidgy self and said"... gorey, that's what we'll call it"
And yeah phones and entertainment things can be the biggest rip off ever - they get to hide their real prices under the bundles... Meanies!!!

Poetikat said...

Was Christian Slater in "Very Bad Things"? Did you like, "Shallow Grave"?

I commented on your next post, btw. Was looking for your Poetry Bus entry, but I'll be back.

"Gorey" details! ha ha


Niamh B said...

Thanks Kat, I've the worst memory in the world, but I think he was in it, and I think I remember the start of shallow grave, was that the one with the interviewing for flatmates scene at the start? if so I did like it too.

Poetry Bus poem is down another few,

Matt Bolton said...

The taxi drivers are a right moaning bunch, especially during all the strikes... one was giving out about all the immigrants not knowing where they are going and then he asked for directions.

And besides, I have the basic Sky Package it's all right, no sports though.