Thursday, July 15, 2010

Happy St Swithin

I don't know much about St Swithin, but today is their day, and it apparently means that whatever the weather was like today, it will continue to be like that for the next 40... that's not terrible news - today's weather was very variable. So it'll be very variable. So nothing new then......................... If this was a conversation instead of a blog we'd be looking into the middle distance awkwardly right now, and you might eventually check your watch and say,
"Well Niamh, great talking again, eh... I'd best be.. eh"

So to save you that - here is actually what I intended to post today:

A personal ad - for my dog. Mr VC is about to abandon me for another few weeks of gaelic immersion as part of a course he's doing right now, so I am to mind the wonderful dog all on my own... Now I love my dog, and I am not a person to shirk my responsibilities, but - I am a generous soul, and I want to share the love. (In other words this dog needs minimum 2 decent walks per day to stop her chewing on the furniture and I am not sufficiently fit to be an astronaut as yet so am a little worried about how I'll keep up). Therefore - see the following personal...

Available, for fun and friendship. Could you be my walking partner? I am tall, dark, with luscious brown eyes and a playful disposition. Seeking anyone who likes long walks. Must have strong arms. Leave comments if you can spare a few hours to love a poor dumb animal.

See video for more

(the dog - at her most alluring, catch that end of shot stare)

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