Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wednesday Whinge

Today I'm having a little whinge because I can't be everywhere doing everything at once.

Sadly I have yet to master the art of bilocation or even tri or quadruple location... so I can't do all of the following but I can tell you to go in my place, represent me, and so then it's kinda like I was there...

Tonight in Dubland city there are 3 great free in events going on - one with free wine...

They are
1. The Irish Writers' Centre - next in the Lonely Voices Introductions Series - another batch of 4 bright eyed talents will read their stories to an eager crowd... (this is the free wine one!!! - if such things interest you)
2. The Last Wednesday Series - 7 Towers monthly gig downstairs at Cassidy's - this one is for the dedicated poetry fan - poems poems poems all night, a serious variety and wealth of talent, and a friendly crowd.
and last, but by no means least
3. The Brown Bread Mixtape - Upstairs in the Stag's Head - a mixed bag of comedy, music and poetry - all tied together with a theme - this month it's "Do you speak my language" - this, like all mixtapes, is a lovingly prepared night, and the atmosphere is energetic and fun. Here's another sample of same - my music inspired poem performed at the last one.

Anyway - the reason I'm giving all of those a miss is because I'll be heading into town tomorrow night for another Poetry Divas gig! And while I hate missing all these other fantastic things - it's hard to justify spending any more time out talking about writing, reading out stuff I've already written and listening to other people's writing - when I already spend about 5 times more time doing that than actually writing new things as it stands........ - not a good ratio.

So yes, if you don't end up going tonight to any/all of the above - and even if you do, you can call into town tomorrow where we will be to be found doing our thing at the newly opened Centre for Creative Practises at their Lit-jam session. 5 euro in.


Totalfeckineejit said...

How much to get out?

I'm kidding.

Totalfeckineejit said...

Like that poem Nivby and you read it well

Dominic Rivron said...

What is often said of London busses (you wait for an hour then 3 come at once) is true of life generally.

(It's definitely true about social/cultural life in a rural area, in my experience).

Tried your link, but unfortunately the connection "timed out".

Niamh B said...

TFE: Free pass to get out with every 5 euro spent buying diva's drinks...
and thanks re the poem sir!
Hey Dominic - tis true sadly - I guess it's a good complaint that it happens here with great regularity - hopefully the snow won't cancel tonight's plans on us - and hope you get to hear that poem on your next attempt!! :-)

the watercats said...

excellent :-D.... melikes...

we've been a bit like that with open mics. Thursdays AND fridays!?.. I tell you.. pure manic, lol! The thing is keeping fresh material... we only have about three good songs!
Anyway, good luck with the ting, and glad to hear and see your dog and you have bonded... and ... she looks curiosly attractive in that pink..... not many dogs can pull that look off!

ooh!.. and congrats on the blog awards nomination!.. you need to get personalised t-shirts made up with your best recieved lines on.. they like that sort of stuff :-D

Have a good one!

Niamh B said...

Thanks Watercats!! I know what you mean with the manic-ness - am strictly limiting myself to one night out a week - as you say - need to have some time for churning the stuff out again.
Yes T-shirts - hand made available at the variouscushions shop - pay by paypal...
Will pass on your admiration to Dora, she actually looked really cute the other day with pink rags scattered through her beard from her attempts to shred the curtains!
Yeah - she's not the worst now.