Thursday, February 18, 2010

Aiden O'Reilly on the Radio

Is it that time already?

Yes - another Sunday another fantastic guest on the Sunday Scrapbook. This week it's Aiden O'Reilly, a really great short story writer that some of you might know from the Stoneybatter Files.

Aiden O’Reilly is a short story writer and a novelist. In the last 15 years he has worked throughout Europe at everything from being a mathematics lecturer to being a building-site worker. He returned to Ireland a few years ago, and since then his work has appeared in The Stinging Fly, 3am magazine, The Sunday Tribune and The Dublin Review. In November 2008, Aiden won the prestigious McLaverty Prize, awarded bi-annually for short stories. On March 6th Aiden will be reading from his story ‘Self-Assembly’ at the lovely Nighthawks Arts night, Cobalt Café on Georges Street.

For our listening pleasure - he is reading two of his fantastic stories this Sunday, and giving us his insights into the magic of the short story - with his theme of "The Doors of Perception"

Tune in - 4pm Liffey Sound - 96.4 FM!! See ye then then!


Jessica said...

Hey, I've been trying to find your email address for the swap (a little belatedly). Can you email me at

Titus said...

With you in spirit. Again...

Niamh B said...

Hi Jessica, have mailed you now... YAY

Tks Titus - you're going to have an awful lot of catching up to do when you get the new computer - 25 hours of writers... ;-)