Friday, May 29, 2009

Copious amounts of smushiness - bucket may be necessary

How did it feel getting married? I hear you ask
Being terrified, shaking like mad walking up the church, dad at my side, calming me down by whispering "they're all looking at you"
The weirdness of seeing himself at the top of the aisle, after not seeing him since 8pm the previous night - felt like a life time.
The weirdness of not having a chance to talk really, or say hi properly, and him telling me he noticed the french manicure by holding up his hand during the first reading.
The bridesmaid after the service putting her heel through her dress, and it not mattering at all. The fashion show of all the friends and family walking out past us, shaking hands and hugging, and me saying "congratulations" to some of them cos it seemed like the thing to say - what everyone was saying.
The flower girl coming in the car with us back to the hotel, catching us having our first kiss since marriage, telling us we were allowed now, it was ok.
The feeling that we were lucky and blessed when the sun came out for every photograph.
The not eating dinner, and unholy terror when the gong went for speech time. The gush of smushiness on hearing all the nice things all the nice people had to say about me. The nearly crying as I returned the favour with an emotional few words.
The letting hair down dancing, singing a duet with himself, cheered on by the girls dressed as ABBA. The dancing to REM at the DJ bit, with my 97 year old grand aunt dancing away. (I have to switch to drinking bourbon - she's seriously amazing).
The other bridesmaid having a radiator "explode" on her dress, and it not mattering at all.
All the chats, feeling famous, and feeling such warmth and love etc etc.
The last bridesmaid leaving with her dress in perfect shape, and it not mattering at all. (I'm sure it has probably been covered in mud or set on fire by now)

Was it the best day of my life?

Nope - the best day was the one I met him.

Told ya it was smooshy... (hope you had the bucket handy)


Anonymous said...


Ah no a fantastic synopsis Niamhy,fair play to ya. Sure you know what they say you can dress me up but you can't take me out!!! HMcS

Anonymous said...

Smushiness is great! Hang in there girl, you're doing fine!

Dave King said...

My kinda smooshy - am I allowed smooshy as a man, I wonder?

Niamh B said...

Thanks all,

Yes Dave - you are of course allowed a little bit of smooshy!

Uiscebot said...

ARGH! Why do I miss all the great things!? huff.

Congrats to you and Donal. Sounds like a lovely day for a Lovely couple.

Niamh B said...

Thanks, yeah twas pretty cool - will show you photos - twill be just as good as having been there!


Ah so sweet. I needed a hanky not a bucket. Sniff.

Niamh B said...

Aww thanks WRW, just finished reading your guest blog, really great stuff, kinda makin me rethink the whole idea that in order to succeed in writing you need to become a totally selfish a*hole with nothing more than a few goldfish in terms of responsibilities... Not that I was gonna follow that... as a plan like... ahem.