Friday, May 8, 2009

BH Revisited

"It's getting exciting now" has been the constant catchphrase of my mother, since the first engagement card rolled in, when we ordered the dress, when we booked the date, when relatives started announcing travelling plans, sometimes it varied to "It's getting really exciting now", but the progress of levels of excitement has been constantly re-evaluated, restated and announced, as the whole process has gone on.

I have to admit - now that I'm finally finished up work for three weeks, beginning to think about walking down the aisle, trying frantically to write a speech, thinking about what I need to pack - it is in fact getting exciting precisely ..... Now.


Domestic Oub said...

Aghghghghg, aghghghg !!! So exciting!!! Exciting!!! ahghghgghg, yaaaaaaaaaaay! Ohhhhhhh Ahhhh Yaaaaaay!!!!!

Niamh B said...

Why didn't I just write that?

your eloquence astounds as always

Drama Queen said...

You excited? Never! You will be so serene tomorrow - sorry, today, when we all ooooh and aaaah at your beauty.
Don't forget to keep sending chores to us while on honeymoon. Like having to make a poem out of sixteen adjectives and no verbs....or whatever takes your fancy.
There you'll be enjoying the Western World, and there we'll be frantically doing homework.

Love you my pet - love both of you. Have a wonderful time and enjoy every minute.

Niamh B said...

Aw thanks hon - looking forward to seeing you in your finery later!