Thursday, May 28, 2009

In Summary - in summer

So, so far this summer, have got married, won a prize for my blog thanks to TFE (still a little unsure how to pick up/ display said prize, or when the presentation of prizes will be), volunteered at the Ottawa Tulip festival (which simply involved free admission to some live shows, including poetry, jazz, Klezmer, hypnotism, some undefinable but awe inspiring stuff as well- see , visited the hippiest hippy town called Wakefield, then montreal, then boston, then niagara, then kingston - a little town on a lake that looks like the sea. I might some time expand a bit more on these adventures once I readjust to sunny dublin, but here in the meantime is a sneak peak at some of the cushions that made my last few weeks so memorable, (not in order of appearance)... I didn't have a cushions fetish before this blog - any of my friends will tell ya... actually I still don't


Anonymous said...

Now it is all fitting in to place..the unresolved disappearance of cushions from my house..

Nice timing for ye to get bk, weather forecast is good for the next few days.
(only kidding bout the cushions btw, wouldn't like to unjustly tarnish N's good name on the world wide web!!)HMcS

Anonymous said...

I hope these are just the ones you brought home!
Great to have you back - but don't let today's sunshine fool you, it's been wicked all week, wet and windy (a bit like myself, now that I think of it!)
John Murphy & Triona gaave your (2) Teens a treat last Saturday. I know because I volunteered to be a teen too and pick up some knowledge. An excellent idea, I might add! I'm a geniur poet now as well as a nearly novelist!

Niamh B said...

Thanks for clearing my good name HMS!! Couldn't have that accusation hanging over me.

Anon 2 - that's cool, don't think I'd know what to do at "group" it's been so long now, looking forward to the next one

Dominic Rivron said...

Wakefield?? You can't mean the one down the road from here (Yorkshire). It's about as hippy as Val Doonican. :)

It's nice to think it has a cool namesake.

Niamh B said...

Nope it's north of ottowa, very cool place, big singer songwriter session in the pub on a sunday, artists out in their gardens painting flowers etc etc