Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Drama Schmama

So last night we went to see Sive, a heart warming romantic comedy by John B Keane, all about a young girl who doesn't want to get married so much that she kills herself. Alot of hilarious insights into the fact that girls, just before they marry, have no clue what they're thinkin, and that romance is only a waste of time, Mr VCTB nodding along heartily beside me (only kiddin he's all romance - only the other day he turned to me and lovingly said "We don't have to get each other presents now, just cos we're getting married, do we?" ). There was a very funny performance of Sean Dota (the old man she doesn't want to marry) by John Carabini, and overall the whole cast did very well with it on their opening night - congrats to all at Lucan Drama group.
So then we went home for our last night, alone, in the house, as an unmarried couple, - my folks are moving in with us tonight - we made the most of our last real crazy night of freedom, stayed up as late as we wanted, ate coco pops for dinner etc etc - sweet sweet freedom...

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