Saturday, May 2, 2009

Page 190 - Shamelessly thieved

Where I shamelessly take Radge's mysterious post idea, and shamelessly adapt it for myself, I don't know what his means but it doesn't matter since he never reads this - but here anyway - here's a section of page 190 of a book I'm currently reading...

Feel free to do the same yourself (my advice is to pick a book with large font though!) and if you are first to correctly guess what book my post is from, I'll give you a loan of the book when I've finished it...

A cloudburst. Rain. Buckets of it. Dick ran. Perry ran too, but he could not run as fast; his legs were shorter and he was lugging the suitcase. Dick reached shelter - a barn near the highway - long before him. On leaving Omaha, after a night spent in a Salvation Army dormitory, a truck driver had given them a ride across the Nebraska border into Iowa. The past several hours, however, had found them afoot. The rain came when they were sixteen miles north of an Iowa settlement called Tenville Junction.

The barn was dark.

"Dick?" Perry said.

"Over here," Dick said. He was sprawled on a bed of hay.

Perry, drenched and shaking, dropped beside him. "I'm so cold," he said, burrowing in the hay, "I'm so cold I

A confession here - I actually had typed out two other paragraphs as well, but somehow deleted them by accident - they were boring anyway


Drama Queen said...

testing for my engineers!

Drama Queen said...

My engineer the best in the business. Queen is just a silly person - but then you all knew that.

Niamh B said...

YAY - finally out of anonyminity!!