Saturday, December 24, 2011

Sanity prevails, but Scotland's still sneaking up there

Well, being new to the world of power and corruption, I didn't quite think through the implications of fixing things against my own country - that's not quite how corruption is supposed to work, and seeing as I'm obviously so useless at it, I've decided to straighten up and fly right - one poem equals one point, no matter who or where you are. One fictional mention of International Put your Poem in a shop Month - equals one half point... (there's an opportunity to rack up some more points for the eagle eyed.)

Anyway - Titus has been out again delivering a trio of festive treats... with just the slightest flavour of humbug...
Click over here for the full story and close ups, and lots of pictures of the magical things that find their way to chez Titus

a classic about the hollow eyed souls of xmas

an uncharacteristic attack on pens

and an unsatisfied little solder here

This means our Convivial Scoreboard - back to straight counting - comes to

Scotland 14
Ireland 20
USA 7.5
England 6 (Terry Wogan notwithstanding)

This is no time for complacency!

Everyone, I really hope you enjoy the holidays, whatever you're up to. Don't forget IPYPIASM is not just for Christmas - so if you're getting out in the sales there should be lots of opportunity for poem sharing...

Take it easy :-)


The Bug said...

My goodness things were busy while I was gone! I went into MANY more shops than usual, but I was never prepared with a poem. Drat! Perhaps this weekend I'll go out in a blaze of glory :)

Mari G said...

Hi Niamh - have just discovered your fun blog!
I've done the deed but maybe not qualified.
Enjoyed it though.

Niamh B said...

Go on Bug there's still time... just...
Hi Mari, welcome and thanks for taking part, definitely qualified!! well done

The Bug said...

I did it! Just squeaked in under the wire. This was so much fun - thanks!

Oh, and the word verification is "verse" - perfect!