Wednesday, December 21, 2011

6 in 1 & walking the walk

coincidentally - 6 in one is one of the names for the delightful injections that I had to bring little Danger for there recently, but this 6 in 1 is a far nicer affair - where the one and only Peter Goulding managed 6 poems in shops in one day for International Put your Poem in a shop month...

Sadly my linkability is still down - so paste this into your browse if you haven't been over there for the hilarious words and closeups

and here's a quick look at what he left

beside the treats

by the shaving things

on the paint

by the irons

near the socks (in or out of boxes)

and by the sprouts

They are all hilarious - so do make sure you get there for a goo.

Meanwhile Emerging Writer is walking the walk with two very fine placements in the city centre of Dubland. These are seriously sensual poems folks, you really have to go over there to read them.

Again it's a paste into your browser job until my links get up and running again, well worth the work though

And again a quick look at the elegant displaying beside the luxury coffee

And next to the seductive wines

So where does that leave our scoreboard?

Well Ireland is well drenched in Poems in shops now - reaching a score of 19.
Scotland is sitting very respectably at a total of 11.
England, where poetry in English was invented, sits pretty at 6.
And America has a very fine tally of 6.5

I think all the countries can be proud. I wonder if any other country dares to join in at this late date?
Still 10 more days to go - so theoretically any country could get another 60 poems in shops, if shops open on the 25th in those particular countries... just saying....


Titus said...

Brilliant stuff and, good grief, prolific Peter or what. EW's pretty stunning and love the choice of product to champion.

Respectable?! I don't want respectable. I want a non-competitive victory! Where, oh where, are my clansmen?

Meanwhile, Allez France or something.

Louise said...

You all cracked but brilliant at the same time!

Domestic Oub said...

I'm in!!!!


Niamh B said...

Allez les blues Titus! No sign of Nanu this year tho :( too busy.
Louise - are you cracked enough to join in?
Yay Oub - putting you up now :p