Saturday, December 10, 2011

IPYPIASM update: Dublin on the board and Almost nabbed in Walgreens

Festivals often thrive on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, and IPYPIASM 2011 is no different (Yes, I've decided it's a festival now, and you can't stop me). This weekend we've had a blast of contribustions (cross between contribution and combustion dontcha know) in IPYPIASM's spiritual home - finally putting Dublin on the IPYPIASM map, thanks to the great Stammering Poet. Go on over here for the close ups of these gems

Taped up in the food aisle

Set free beside the fancy clothings
Taped down under the handbags
And up in public at the post office

And in the land of the free we've had our first almost nabbing with the brilliant Bug nearly getting herself arrested. Click here for the full tale and to read the poem excellently placed below.

Also, Rachel is preparing for another placement in Scotland (just as well when you look at the scoreboard) - you can read about that here

But until then the scores (kept just for fun, you understand) stand at:

Ireland 6
Scotland 3
America 4


Titus said...

Oh, I loved that one in Debenhams and the Bug's was brilliant.

Might have to be adjusting those non-competitive festival scores in a mo...

hope said...

The comment I left with Titus summed it up: amazing that we strangers are having fun leaving interesting, non-threatening surprises for the world.

Niamh B said...

Titus - scores adjusted. :-)

Hope - so true - and so much fun :-)