Thursday, December 22, 2011

Not forgetting Oubliette

Yes Domestic Oubliette has done it - taking part in this years International Put your Poem in a shop month over here... yes the links are working again - click over for the hilarious deal with the big man that she is proposing... much fun!

Leaving the non competitive scores as follows:

Ireland 20 (Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole)
Scotland 11
England 6
USA 6.5


Domestic Oub said...

We're all part of Niamhy's army
we're all trés literary
And we're gonna come on top
for putting pome in shop
cause ireland has the greatest po'try team!

Titus said...

Fain the weemun-folk'll seek
To mak' them haud their roe
- Fegs, God's no blate gin he stirs up
The men o' Crowdieknowe!