Thursday, March 31, 2011

Ever dreamt of Invigilating?

Don't mess with the Invigilator... It'd be a kinda cool job title to have on the aul CV wouldn't it? No? Just me? Again?

Sometimes I need Invigilation - click here to see what I mean

## Volunteering Opportunity ##

Installation & Invigilation Volunteers

RUA RED, South Dublin’s flagship centre for the arts is seeking enthusiastic and committed volunteers to become part of its project team for the upcoming Year of Craft exhibition ‘Ornament’.

‘Ornament’ is a stunning exhibition of over 100 brooches, designed and made by over 30 of the finest contemporary studio jewellers in Ireland and the UK. The exhibition is curated by Angela O’Kelly and supported by the Crafts Council of Ireland as part of the Year of Craft.

RUA RED is seeking two teams of volunteers to assist with the smooth installation and successful run of this ambitious exhibition.

Installation Volunteers

This team of volunteers will assist the Technician and Curator with the handling and preparation of the work for installation. This will be intricate and delicate work.

Invigilation Volunteers

This team of volunteers will be the main point of contact for visitors to the gallery. You will be equipped with in-depth knowledge of the work to guide visitors. You will also be responsible for the safety of the work within the space.

In addition to gaining valuable experience in an arts environment, you will receive in-kind benefits in the form of access to our multi media and music rooms or vouchers for our cafe.

You should be able to commit to a minimum of a 4 hour shift between the hours of 9.30am – 6.30pm Monday to Saturday.

Applicants must be aged 16 or over.

How to Apply

Visit our website to download an application form and role description or call reception on 01 451 5860 to request that an application pack be emailed to you.

Completed application should be returned to Fiona Ni Leime by post or email:

RUA RED, Civic Square, Tallaght, Dublin 24 or

Closing Date

Closing date for applications is 5pm, Thursday 14th April 2011.


Titus said...

The Frames will be an Irish band then...?

Could you come and invigilate my house from two seven year-old boys. I can't offer this: 'you will receive in-kind benefits in the form of access to our multi media and music rooms or vouchers for our cafe' but I've got a record-player and a kitchen.

swiss said...

sounds grand. t is off to your shores later this year for a bit of craftery. i may need to ask you some directions...

Totalfeckineejit said...

I'm speechless.

Niamh B said...

If there's records for that player and food in that kitchen I'm there.
swiss - any time... just let me know what you're looking for.
why are you speechless TFE? - any long word ending in ation makes me think of that song. "Sometimes I need a sanitation" "Sometimes I need exasperation" etc etc - they missed a trick there - could have had another 20 verses at least!

swiss said...

still doing the finnish thing? here's this

Dave King said...

I agree it would look cool on the aul C.V. Something I consigned to the bin many years ago. Count me out, but best of luck!

Jessica said...

I've been an invigilator. Moonlighted as one, really. It's ok, not great. But it does make you feel pretty powerful.

Niamh B said...

Tks for that swiss, I love getting google to translate, you end up with such interesting phrases, and it works so well on pages like that.
Tks Dave, don't think I'll get to apply either, my cv's well filled with random junk at this stage too!
Jessica that's cool, must've been hard to return back to being a normal person again.