Sunday, April 10, 2011

Bug's driving a crooked line

This week Bug is taking the wheel again, and this week her challenge was to write a poem starting with the line "I am a crooked line"

I must admit I cringed a tiny bit when I saw the task, feeling that I wouldn't do well, the crooked sixpence poem ringing loud in my head - but I dove in anyhoo - and below is the result - you'll find far crooked-er lines and better poems on the bus over here...


The Line


I am a crooked line

running through a life

making time

stretch or tumble

explosions of fine

delights or depths

of sadness defined

I follow my instinct

stumble on crimes

of passion or boredom

or closing of blinds

releasing the afternoon sun

from a kind

of duty to be there

weakened old shine

relieved to slink off

leaving grims to their grime

while I rise and I fall

or I slip to the side

life follows me, stupid

with wanting to mind

to live for one moment

feeling something divine

unaware it’ll keep -

keeping on with the line

that’ll never run straight

and gets home just in time

By the way, I wanted to apologise to recent drivers for my lack of letting them know I had bought a ticket - I noticed one week that Peter G did the same one week when he knew he wouldn't make it around to visit all the other passengers, and I felt I should do the same since I don't have the same time in blogland that I used to have... but anyway, there's my excuse - not notifying the driver makes me feel less guilty for not calling round to everyone - but I do still appreciate your comments and try to make it back for return visits to anyone who does call over...


The Bug said...

Ha! I foiled your plan because I saw that you'd posted a poem so I added you to the list anyway :) But it's ok if you don't get around to everyone - we know you're busy with a MUCH more important task.

About the poem - I really like it. Following that crooked line until it brings you home. Isn't that the way it always is? You think you're being a rebel & then next thing you know you're shopping in the same store with your grade school teacher. That might not be what you meant, but that's what I took from it.

120 Socks said...

Another nice one Various!

Brian Miller said...

my life is much a crooked line that led me eventually home as well....i really like the pic you end with as well...very beautiful

izzy said...

I love the idea of it making time!
and eventually getting home- Thanks!

Jinksy said...

As long as home is there at the end of the line, what more could one ask? :)

Enchanted Oak said...

Various, you took us on a journey that is familiar to me and others.
I think we ride the Bus because we are all a wee bit crookt.
We’ve all gone crooked

Peter Goulding said...

Great assonance in this - would love to hear it out loud.
(Oh and surely you know better than to hold me up as a role model???)

Helen said...

The best road maps always come with crooked lines ... Your scribbler art is divine!!!

Niamh B said...

Tks Bug, very kind, and I think the getting home just in time can be interpreted a few ways, and they're all alright with me.
Tks socks, and thanks Brian, I just enjoy the scribble!
Glad you liked it izzy, and jinksy too :-)
Tks oak - lookin forward to check out your link
Peter - you best be careful what you say, with impressionable "young" folk like me around - I have an average age of 15.5 you know.
Tks helen - and thanks again so much for the colour tip, hours of fun!!

Totalfeckineejit said...

Sad lovely lovely sad typoething

Niamh B said...

Thanks TFE