Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Philosophical Question Tuesday

Can't believe it has the nerve to show it's face around here after standing us up yesterday, but here's tuesday now, and the question today is "What if the world stopped turning?"
First of all, would everyone, apart from those in padded cells die? Since we're moving fairly fast through space, when we'd shudder to a halt, I guess things would go flying and there'd be a huge breath taking wind. So maybe just people in airtight padded cells and deep sea divers would survive the slow up. Then what?
If you happen to be in one of those two categories, what would be your next step? Where would you live? Bearing in mind that the world would be frozen in place, you have a choice of season, and time of day to live at, and access to the world's best cars as well, but the roads would be probably full of debris so travelling regularly between day and night, or different temperatures wouldn't be an option. So, plan ahead, what would you do?


Uiscebot said...

I would buy a snorkle jacket and live on the dark side with christmas lights and internet porn

Rachel Fox said...

I'd be relieved.

Totalfeckineejit said...

Listen Niamh, life is hard enough without you living an hour in the future then making Tuesday into Wednesday and now Wednesday reverting to the previous day and then stopping the world.Some of your reaers (myself included) are elderly people and don't generally know what day of the week it is at the best of times, let alone what they would do if the world did an emergency stop.Now, I'm going. I've got to find my teeth and walk the vacuum cleaner

NanU said...

well, what did we expect from a day that stood us up, and now wants to hang around for eternity.
I'd head for the mountains in the late-afternoon zone, where I could hike to night(ish) on the shadowed slopes, swim naked in the sunlit lakes, and generally act like the crazy person I am.

Emerging Writer said...

stop. I'm getting dizzy just thinking about this and looking at the sky

and I think tfe isn't old at all - it's all an act

Niamh B said...

What's even more annoying is the way the dates are wrong on the blog - so it looks like tuesday is perfectly on time. Grrr.

UB - sounds lovely, altho apart from the snorkle jacket - what'd be the difference?
Rachel - If you were a deep sea diver you would be.
TFE - I agree with EW, you're not that old. Don't forget to change the bag on the dog.
NanU - that sounds pretty idyllic. I'd save hiking by finding myself a nice hood for the night time - voilá - instant darkness & none of the hassle.
EW - I know, make sure you always stay near something you can hang onto, just in case. (I'm clutching this computer as I type)

the watercats said...

I reckon bed..... it's the best plan for most terrible happenings. BUT.. I reckon we would probably be all just.. dead anyway. If the world stopped turning it would mean there'd be a catastrophic failure of gravity somewhere or something.. maybe... we'd all be sucked off.... oooo'er.... as in.. floating and imploding and stuff.
g,night :-)