Friday, November 6, 2009

Eileen Casey on the Radio

The next in the long line of talented writers to take to the airwaves with me is Eileen Casey, originally from the Midlands, she is based now in South Dublin. She is a poet, fiction writer, journalist and Creative Writing Facilitator. She has shown three poetry installations, ‘Seagulls’ , ‘Reading Fire, Writing Flame’ , and ‘The Jane Austen Sewing Kit’ . Her great debut collection ‘Drinking the Colour Blue’ (New Island) was published in 2008.
Eileen is responsible for inspiring many of my previous guests in her workshops, and was a big part of the founding of the Lucan Writer's group, so we have alot to thank her for. Her theme is "The Art of the Idea" a fantastic and interesting subject, and she'll be reading some of her gorgeous poems. Should be inspirational.

Usual time 11 am this Sunday morning, on Liffey Sound - link there on the right.

See ye then then - Eileen's show is up on the radio blog now - here


Dublin Dave said...

Should be a great show!

Niamh B said...

Thanks Dave - yes it should. Fingers and toes crossed