Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Weekly Wednesday

Yes it's time for Wednesday again, that reliable day of the week that always squeezes in here when we most expect it. Why highlight and celebrate the routineness of this?
I don't know. I guess I'm feeling a bit threatened by my own insinuation that yesterday's philosophical blog question (by calling it Philosophical question Tuesday) might be followed by another philosophical question next week, on the Tuesday (and the pressure of trying to think of another philosophical quandary for ye might just be scrambling my head a bit), coupled with the fact that Monday poems seem to be drawing to a close, maybe I'm just crying out for more routine and predictability in my life... So yes - weekly Wednesday it is, once a week, every week... Happy Wednesday y'all.


Totalfeckineejit said...

Wednesday is an unsung hero of a day, often overshadowed by the much hyped Friday and saturday.Sunday has it's own unique identity, walks in the woods, log fires, visiting Nana and drinking Poteen (or is that just me?) It used be a day of rest and religion.Monday has the blues, it's own downbeat feel and fame.Tues Wed Thurs, don't get a look in.The middle week middle aged non entities.All the songs/films/books are about other days. Saturday Night Fever (John Revolta and Olivia Nutron Bomb), Monday I've got Friday on my mind (The Easybeats), Blue Monday (New Order) ,Every Day is like Sunday(Mozzer)Saturday Ian(I'll have a can of) McEwan,Saturday night (is alright for fighting) Elton John.Then I remember 'Wednesday week' by The Undertones and the non entity of Wednesday is complete.
'Wednesday week she loved me,wednesday week never happened at all'
Let us celebrate Wed ,commemorate wed,lionise wed,worship wed, canonise wed.Saint wednesday of the week, take a bow!

Matt Bolton said...

I think that everyone should celebrate Wednesday as it is quite far away from Monday, the worst day of the week and quite close to Friday evening - the best part of the week. So weekly Wednesday it is... and so forth

Niamh B said...

It's also the longest day to spell, which makes it a hero of a day for letter counters everywhere. yay!

Matt Bolton said...

It's a Scrabble (TM) players wet dream!