Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Laptopless no Longer!

Yes - reunited with my aul computer today. It seems there's an extra hamster running around inside it, making alot more noise than usual, and it's slower than before - but sure I wouldn't be one to complain really, except I just did, ahem.

In other news - I have just noticed that I now have 12 followers, aka disciples. I would like to invite you all around for supper some time, perhaps next Easter?

Apart from that - Mr VC is to be on the radio tomorrow - as gaeilge - a chat taped in the pub withMáirtín Tom Sheáinín - the Irish Language's answer to David Letterman. On Radió na Gaeltachta tomorrow at 2pm-ish.

Can't figure out why the margin has moved over here all of a sudden, must be that cheeky extra hamster playing havoc. Ah well - will resort to the tried and tested turn it off and on again, once I've saved the precious difficult second novel (not one word of which is saved or printed anywhere) onto a memory stick or something.

Back later no doubt.

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