Wednesday, June 3, 2009

One thing I never had when I was growing up

Here's a "chalk holder". You can buy them for a few quid. I had to hold my own chalk when I was young, and when I didn't have chalk I had to use the stuff that peels off the insides of some walls when they're broken up, and when no walls were being broken I had to use spit, or my imagination. But when I did have chalk(s) - the one advantage of not having a "chalk holder" was that I could switch colours almost instantaneously - instead of constantly having to reload my "chalk holder."
Ah happy days - any other useless things kids have nowadays that we're glad we don't have?


swiss said...

xboxes, wiis, nintendos, credit cards, computers, personal grooming products, boy bands, girls bands, parents who're their 'friends', broken bones, the ability to play outside..... the list is endless

swiss said...

t is now telling me her workmate had a nine year old staying with her at the weekend who had pants costing nine pounds each. and won't wear anything else.

and piercings. and limos for their parties. ffs!

Niamh B said...

That's mad having pants that cost the same as your age, it's fine when you're young, but that could get out of control after awhile.
I've 9 euro jeans that I wear very often, but that's not really the same, since I'm not 9.

Totalfeckineejit said...

EGerKation ,food ,friends, absence of ringworm, the green party, cocoa pops, talking monkeys,

Anonymous said...

Teenage Hormones & PMT - nobody suffered from them when I was young! Boobs - get them ever so young now, I had to wait for years and years. McDonalds to turn a slight young thing into a bursting lump of flesh. Hours of study - we never thought of the exam results as actually meaning anything, it was one big giggle. Fear of Global Warming & economic didaster - what we didn't have, we wouldn't miss. DQ

Niamh B said...

TFE - absence of ringworm? you really don't wish you had that? hmmm

DQ - you reminded me of ADHD as well - another new invention

Also glad there was no facebook while I was in college, and that few enough people had cameras, the pictures that survive are already bad enough.