Sunday, June 28, 2009

24 - 7

7 things from the last 24 hours - or you could do 24 things from the last 7 hours if you want - consider this an open invite

Here goes:

1. Cakes at writing group - celebrating successes, both of the Saggart Oscars, and one of us getting a poem into a kids text book (not me unfortunately)
2. Tasting Pear Cider at a brilliant party in Galway - why are Galway parties always brilliant?
3. Attempting to call DQ at 2.15 am - having just enough sense to give up after 3 rings and hoping she had the sense not to have the phone near her after my threat of yesterday.
4. Dropping himself back to paradise, aka the gaeltacht in connemara, where he'll be molding young minds in the irish ways for the next 3 weeks. Missing him already.
5. Listening to Lemon Jelly, as I bounced back down the windy road with Cattle gazing at the car from all angles, over and through the stone walls, and the glimmery and sparkly sea in front. - do play it - it's worth it
6. Flashing my hazards to thank a bus for pulling in, only to realise it was a bus stop, I was thanking him for doing his job.
7. Going to see a poetry reading shortly, also heard of a 5 euro comedy gig tonight in Whelan's that I'm tempted by... but I'm shattered so.... we'll see.

So anyway, I've shown you mine...


Drama Queen said...

Was that you ringing at 2am? I reached for the phone and in doing so fell out of bed and rolled to the top of the stairs. Luckily I only went down the first 7 steps so only split my head off the wall. A & E was quick enough, only 8 hours this time but the breatalizer was over the limit so I'm banned from rolling for 6 months.

Niamh B said...

That's brilliant!! Absolutely fantastic writing fodder, and I won't even charge you for it.

Seriously - am quite embarrassed about that, and won't do it again, no need to change your number, but thanks for reaching for it all the same!

Anonymous said...

mmmm here goes... I might just span the weekend, well from Sat a.m to now (Sunday 21.20) I was just going to pretend that I did the following 7 things in a 24 hour period to look interesting but felt a bit guilty so I decided to be honest from the start...
1. I went along to the Midleton Farmer's Market and met some neighbours and family. I bumped into your mam too in the supermarket afterwards.
2. I turned up to Esther's house/building project on Sat afternoon announcing that I was there for the interviews for Dirty Dusting and helped with the clean up.
3. Since staritng to write this i attended to Master Cathal, who woke from his sleep in fits of tears. He is now on my lap c

Anonymous said...

I ran out of space in the last entry..
..on my lap checking for typos
4. I finally dealt with some tax compliance matters outstanding since Dec '06. Riveting,I know..
5. Dusted down me old bike which I haven't cycled since, ohhh ages. Gonna cycle it soon.
6. Brought Cathal to Mass and stood in the back with the bachelor parishioners.
7. Had me ma and da over for dinner and watched the husband's home team get beaten badly in Croke Park. Cathal was the only one who watched 'til the end but only cos he cldn't walk away from the tv...very dismal performance by Westmeath. HM

Niamh B said...

Thanks HM, the batchelors area was surely the right place to stand with Cathal, he's not "going steady" just yet is he?
Enjoy the cyclin anyway, when you get round to it, sounds like you've your hands full...

Rachel Fox said...

7 things in 24 hours...better be quick (and short)
1. Baked bloody fairy cakes for school end of term church service. Most out of character. Couldn't get out of it.
2. Watched Andy Murray win a tennis match. I watched the end anyway...not the whole 4 hours!
3. Walked dog. Always do that.
4. Tried not to panic about upcoming holiday trip away. Always do that too.
5. Ended up listening to 70s pop horrors Guys'n'Dolls (see my last post - comments).
6. Read some poems by a bloke called James Fenton.
7. Moaned about living in suburbia. I always do that too.

Niamh B said...

Thanks Rachel, got a copy of Wendy Cope's collection at the weekend, twas wrapped in plastic - she is protective of her stuff! Will let you know what the teens make of her.
Re no 5 - for some reason the old earworms are the worst, i guess cos you know them better - the soundtrack of either The Sound of Music or Annie would keep me going all day!

Rachel Fox said...

This was the 1970s pop band not the musical (just to be clear). Much tackier, I'm afraid.
We listen to a lot of Annie - it is my daughter's favourite show (partly cos she looks like she should star in it!).