Thursday, June 11, 2009

Back Up Schmack Up

So the computer broke last night at home, here's a sneaky post from elsewhere to inform you of the technical difficulties I'm experiencing.
All my pictures from the last few years, not to mention the only copy of my dodgy 2nd novel which has not been read by anyone (including myself), all possibly lost.
Himself to the rescue - off to the computer guru right now to try and get it all fixed up, fingers and toes and eyes and ears crossed everyone!


Uiscebot said...

Here's hoping it's all Okay.

swiss said...

you'll hopefully be surprised by what they can do. i had a similar tho virus based problem last year. now everything is massively (massively!) backed up.

fingers crossed

Anonymous said...

Did you throw a wobbly and scream and scream and scream? Or did you just collapse and cry tears of desparation? I guess neither of these. My money is on that you gave it a good wallop, and a kick and that Mr VC calmed you down very nicely and got on his white steed, pc under his arm, and galloped off to the rescue.
I do hope everything is successfully retrieved. DK

Niamh B said...

To be completely honest, I whined and whimpered all evening about all the lost stuff, and passed the time by listing out all the things I couldn't do without it, like I'd never do them again...
Update is the data is safe, I'll be back in action by the weekend, however the novel may still be crap when it is returned to me.