Thursday, April 30, 2009

Fair Marley

Fair City was a disaster tonight - well not quite - but they played it wrong or accidentally played the second half first and then had to go back and play the first half, and my poor brain was all confused.

In addition to that I watched Marley & Me last night - cute puppy - no story - i almost hoped the dog would die the first time he got sick - sorry anyone who hasn't seen it, actually I'm not sorry, you didn't put yourself through it and now you never have to. The dog dies in the end.
And I wasn't crying it was a bit of fluff in my eye, that's all.

I'm off to read some Kafka, or is it Cathy Kelly - yerrah whichever comes first.


Domestic Oub said...

every time I look at your blog I see your foriegn blog name in the corner of my eye and think its called Hakuna Matata (it means no worries.)

Just though I'd tell you that.

Lily Sheehan said...

I'm so glad I didnt waste time seeing Marley and Me. I do love Owen Wilson though

Niamh B said...

DO - it actually means "Witch of April" - huhtikumoita.
she sent me on a link to a finnish dictionary too - so I'm adding a few words of it here and there to my repertoire - I do like the little dots over the "O"s and "A"s

Hi Lily - yeah - Owen is lovely, but it was definitely a gruelling one.

Anonymous said...

I'll let you into a secret. Not many people know this. Son No. 5 (child No. 6) had a walk on in Fair city last night. He was the shadow that flashed out of the lift when the cross lady was finding out how much her husband lost at cards. Anyway...that's when the film broke down. Son told me he kicked over the camera because they didn't give him a bigger part. Know that's not true (because it was prerecorded) but know how he felt. I too he should have got at the very least some long lingering attention from the camera-man.
The previous night his red jacket and the sleeve of his daughter's shirt flitted across the screen even faster.
But there's a plus. Now I won't have to watch the wretched show ever again....until the next time!

Niamh B said...

Me and my famous jetsetting readers, hah?
I once knew someone who played Bella Doyle's son, and went for a tour on the set - and still have a nail from Harry Molloy's garage. Not a lot of people used to know that either...