Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Brideshead visited

So - my head has officially turned into a brideshead as evidenced by the following psycho bridal dream, which entertained me in the early hours of yesterday morning...

Part I

I'm at the church with mam and all the dresses on hangers - mine & bridesmaids etc, holy communions are on, and I'm due at the hairdresser in 5. Guests are already in the church, cos they saw the white dresses and thought we were starting early. We run out to car park, and car is blocked in because of all the arrivals. There's no taxis to be hailed because of a protest about the economy or the weather that's going up the road.

Part II

We finally get a taxi - driven by a friendly girl, so friendly that she pulls in so she can better concentrate on our chat, after 10 mins we ask her was she stopped for any particular reason - "Oh you're in a hurry?" she asks coolly and pulls out. Then stops 3 estates away from our place so we've to walk back to the house. She comes walking home with us.

Part III

At the house we realise we left the necklace I was gonna wear in the car, the taxi driver girl refuses to go back for it, I'm crying - begging my Dad to "make her go back and get it" etc etc.

Part IV

My aunt arrives with the mass booklets, she's putting them together for us. She has inserted a weird Devil worshipping ceremony in the middle, tells us it's the priests idea and there's a cake that goes with it, part of the ceremony (I blame Dom Oub for that bit). Everyone is trying to convince us to go for it - "Just try the cake and you'll love it"

Weird eh? My first ever time dreaming of my wedding day too! Am sure twill be nothing like that at all - you always dream the opposite - or something?


Domestic Oub said...

Haaaa haaaa haaa! Best dream ever!!! (satanisyourmaster) not stressed out at all by it? (bowdowntolucifer).

I hope my influnce - as you percived it - was merely the mention of cake!!! (thelordoffliesissupreme)

Niamh B said...

Thanks Dom Oub - it was the cake I was thinking of... initially...

Watch out for the sequel - Brideshead Revisited

nywaa waa waaa!!