Sunday, December 23, 2012

News from Titus - IPYPIASM Hostess with the mostess

Hello all out there in IPYPIASM land.  I have some "rather bad news" (as she calls it herself) from Titus - the woman who generously took on the thankless (ok not completely thankless but you get what I mean) task of hosting the festival that is known as IPYPIASM - I'm not quite sure how much to tell you, for security reasons, but she has suffered a bit of an injury while ice skating, which has led to her being taken to hospital and needing a bit of attention.
She still has her wits about her, and has even had the presence of mind to get on the email to let us know about it, so that IPPPIS (International People Putting Poems in Shops) will not be left without a home.
Anyway - all good thoughts are with you Titus, and hoping you make it home in time for Santa!

Before the unfortunate incident - she had even racked up another score for Scotland

Making it

Scotland 11
Ireland 7
RoW Zero

As for me - I have 4 PFS written (poems for shops), and will be venturing out into Xmas Eve madness tomorrow to place em.

You can go over here to see Titus's poem