Saturday, December 29, 2012

4 more to boost the score!!

I got to a shop there the other and managed four more Poems for shops

2012-12-27 10.39.52.jpg

This one is a nod to the newly renegotiated european fish quotas...

Quotas have changed
                 Customers confident
Heads in the air
                  Wallets out
Full to the gills
                  Whiskers washed
Ready to splash 
                   In one last pan

Then there was one about nostalgia and the passing of time

2012-12-27 10.40.13.jpg

They won't be back
The days of silver, gold and black
They're further back the line
each breath,
one more of the life called mine

Wanted to find a bar of gold and black chocolate to leave that one beside, but since I couldn't locate the stuff (since it doesn't exist) - I positioned this beside the equally rare and impressive creature that is a bag of ghost jellies on the day after stephen's...

And then another nostalgic one, - (NOTE the hussy referred to is from a coffee ad in the coffee shop in question)

2012-12-27 10.40.33.jpg  
It goes:

Tables were joined and chairs crowded
the hussy looked on, as we applauded
forged with cream and the sweet taste of icing
our endless coffees, minds buzzing
with stories, rhymes, ideaqs, joy of 
something stronger than time,
longer than life

And finally - one more IPYPIASM tailored, for the chicken aisle

Tired Shopper, breathe in and out
Never let there be a doubt
You're no machine, cannot continue
without a sale to soothe your sinew

2012-12-27 12.11.09.jpg

Which brings the grand score total to 

Ireland 15
Scotland 11
USA 6.5
RoW 0

But it's not a competition (however if it was you'd only have 2 days to catch us... or less, depending on the timezone.

Happy new year all of you


Gerry Snape said...

hurray for the good old emerald isle....proud irish woman!!

Titus said...


they are good though.

Niamh B said...

Tks Gerry,

And tks Titus! You ready to take back up your IPYPIASM hosting? Just say the word...

Titus said...

noooooo! cant type or sit upright for more than 10 minutes.

Titus said...

3 more to us over at mine! ooh, its exciting...

Domestic Oub said...

It's neck'n'neck!!!

The Bug said...

These are brilliant!

P.S. the word verification is 226 Wapping. Isn't that where the Prime Minister lives?