Monday, April 18, 2016

Zootropolis - a review

This is not really a review of Zootropolis the movie, except to say that it had the best sloth scene I've ever seen.

If you're wondering why I never apologise for the long gaps between posts or refer to them really in any way - it's a lack of presumption rather than manners.  I would apologise profusely for not having been here, but I don't really think any one cares... and now don't go thinking I'm fishing for compliments either, oh we've missed you various, we love you various, life just wasn't the same without you... I'm well aware, you all have your own lives, you've all moved on with them.  So why am I here?

Well, I was at a shiatsu workshop last week, part of the lifelong learning festival in Cork, four free massages and time spent with proper chilled out nice people, none of the short legged variety in sight, just lots of leaning and being leant on, and learning about energy lines, meridians, welcoming the sun, (or a ball of fire, was it? I can't really recall) and how a lack of feeling grounded might be to blame for our sweet tooth, because of the element Earth being associated with the taste of sweet, and I did refrain from referring to the power rangers, however a joke just as cringeful did occur, which I feel I have to report on, that being when the group were doing introductions and naming out their types of healing that they're good at - ie "I'm an energy kinestheitologist", and "I use crystals" etc, and it got to my turn, when I said "I'm really good at excel" - they did laugh, the generous, kind souls that they were. 

It does make you think though doesn't it, maybe excel can heal... especially when you use conditional formatting and pivot tables, ummm pivot tables... see?  my time away hasn't been a complete waste.  I will try to report back on my adventures in healing using excel in the near future.


The Bug said...

I might not miss you when you're gone (who has time to miss people?), but I'm always SO HAPPY when I see a post from you pop up on my feed! I think excel does have the power to heal - it calms me right down. All that lovely data organized so neatly - entirely UNlike my house. It's soothing. :)

Niamh B said...

Too kind as always Bug!! I do think Excel has a weird kind of Zen going on.