Sunday, April 24, 2016


Hope you've all remembered to include the number of bananas in your household on this, our national census night.  They're under threat you know, they'll be gone next year or the year after, hold them close, treat them well, love them like your own.

You know, I was a bit aggrieved to find out in the past week that I inhabit the same county as some absolute idiots.

In Cork we have, in this actual day and in this age, people who actually attacked a family for not being Irish while attempting to move into a council house.  I was pretty embarrassed when I heard about it.
It must be difficult to be so stupid.  I had a song when I was in secondary school about leaving the Poles alone, but I meant the lamppost type things, it was a joke born on a school tour when we were going on a ferry and lots of people were hanging out of them.  It was sung to the air of "Teacher, leave those kids alone"
Back to the stupo-heads.  They even threatened the would've been neighbours of the family, who sheltered them during the attack, strangers, who helped when they could. 
I just don't get it. How would those youths feel, if they were ever to realise that their fashions, bought in Penney's were sewn by foreigner's fingers, the kebabs bought after their night of english cider from a european discount store contained non-irish horse and cat meat.  I think they could die of the shock, for their own sake (and yes, possibly ours) they should be captured, put in a sanctuary, to keep their sensitive souls safe from foreign  influences, they should watch nothing only re-runs of Glenroe, eat nothing but spuds, wear nothing but aran sweaters, and jeans from the 80's with saggy bottoms, with Mass every second day, and compulsory GAA matches, and see how they feel about a bit of multiculturalism after that.

Any other ideas of what could be done welcome... I'm at a loss.


The Bug said...

Amen & amen! Stupid people SHOULD be segregated. Sigh.

P.S. I have a banana on my desk even now. I fear it will not last the day.

Niamh B said...

Hi Bug, or education not segregation maybe... it's such a hard problem, prejudice/ racism... I was just shocked that young people of today's Ireland could be so ignorant, a bit of an eye opener