Saturday, April 30, 2016

Terrible two-ness

I love the terrible two-ness.

Monkey boots is two in two days time, and she is milking it.  She is the most irrational crazy little lady in the world.

She announces what she is doing all the time - as she knows she is the most important person in the world.  She then asks for help, and tells you she'll do it herself, then asks for help, then slaps your hand away when you try to provide the help.  Then cries when she realizes she can't do it herself, and then eventually allows you to help again, but accuses you of cruelty because you wouldn't let her do it herself.  This can include anything from opening a car door to dressing herself and even changing her own nappy.

She uses marker on every surface.  She lies down on the ground to do her colouring in, so she can really concentrate up close and personal.  She has today taken to keeping her markers in her wellingtons, as you'll see if you look closely above, so that she'll always be quick on the draw.

She whacks you on the head with a book, then gives you a very cursory kiss and tells you you're alright now.

She sees no reason why she can't do anything that big brother, 3 years older can do.

She wears her cycling helmet to bed.

She loves plasters, to the extent that she currently looks like Fagan with bandages on the whole length of her little fingers.

She accuses the dog of biting her hand if said dog happens to sniff at her when she happens to be tired.

When she hurts herself and you ask her where's the ouchie, she'll point to the place she got it, ie the ground or over by her toy tractor or whatever.

She is constant entertainment, energy and too much cuteness sleeping with her bum in the air like a tiny frog.

Anyways, happy birthday boots. 


The Bug said...

Aw she sounds fabulous! And she's super cute!

Niamh B said...

She is both alright Bug, insanely so.

Rachel Fox said...

Poem in a post... x

Niamh B said...

Thanks Rachel x