Monday, June 15, 2015

Trust Shop

Clean shaven-ness, I think that’s one of the key things,
- he smiles,
and good hair – as close to a Ken doll as you can get. 

Enda raises a glass and settles back into the leather seat.  

John leans forward,
that’s all very well, but like how come you always seem to know just what to say? 

A wry chuckle from the other side of the table,
Well that is indeed an interesting secret. 

There are no secrets between us,
- John opens his football muck covered hands in a gesture of open-ness, while Enda raises his perfectly manicured steepled lámha to his lips, in a shushing gesture.  They look around them,  they are alone in the office, as they were ten minutes before.  John leans in a little more, Enda can almost smell the sweat. 

- he says softly
here’s the thing, you’ve got to study American Presidential films, Harrison Ford, Samuel L, George Lee, anyone you can get hold of, watch them religiously – this is what I’m really doing when I say I’m going for my 3 hours transcendental medication.  I see you’re creasing your eyebrows John, I know you’d rather watch Italia 90, but you asked the question.  Can you not Handle the Truth? 
He looks around again, to reassure himself the office hasn’t heard his raised voice, the excitement having taken over for a second, he readjusts his tie.

John is astonished.  
It’s surely not as simple as just looking at them?  I mean you must take notes?  How often do you watch them? 

Alright John, here’s the thing, one a day.   Even when you’re sleepy –
- he holds up a finger to hold John back from his spluttering protest, -
Even during the world cup, when you’ve been up all night to watch Penos.  The key thing is never let a day go by without watching an American Film of some sort, and you’ll always have something respectable and wise to say. 

And then they’ll believe me? 
John asks, 
About the 5 million?  And.. and… that I’m doing a great job? 

They both laugh at hearing that out loud, 

Lookit, they’ll believe anything, they want the happy news, they want to think that someone in charge knows what they’re doing.  It’s easy – just make believe.  Like my good friend willy wonky says… It’s a world of Pure Imagination. 
- allowing his voice to lilt into the music a little.  They both hold their breaths a little in the ensuing silence.

You just did it to me there didn’t you? 
Says John, 

glasses clink and both men smile in satisfaction


Tríona said...

Far too scarily accurate I suspect. You've the room bugged?

Niamh B said...

verbatim!!! :-)

The Bug said...

I think there's something here I'm missing, but I was confused all along because I kept thinking that Enda was a WOMAN's name & I kept trying to figure out who was talking.

P.S. Ooh - I just googled Enda & John & now I get it! Ha!!

P.P.S. If you google Enda & John you get a jillion pictures of John Boehner (the orange speaker of the house here) & the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA). Another ha!

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