Thursday, June 11, 2015

Redefining our relationship

So, I’m back with the old garage, for now.  I know, I know, they force chocolate and news on people, but their coffee is so good, ahhh dictive in fact.  It makes it very hard to walk away, when they are one of only 2 places that can serve a decent cup at the right temperature, and the second place is down the middle of the town, so If I want to get to work on time (and I do), I have literally no choice but to go back for more.  So I go… but on my terms.  I refused to take the chocolate this morning.
Well, my astute reading public, what do you think happened next?  Did the garage offer me an apple instead?  A round of applause in admiration for my one woman stand against sugar? A wry smile of recognition for my dogged determination?  With a friendly reminder that the chocolate would be there again for when I needed it?  Or perhaps they honestly expressed surprise and hurt that I would turn down such generosity?
No, my friends.  None of the above.  In fact – the girl scanned the bar of chocolate anyway, waving it in front of me (yes waving, talk about taunting), and saying “I’ll have that for a well earned treat later!” 

What would you do?  I’m thinking about suggesting we go to counselling, they need to know that they are only undermining any trust we ever had between us when they do things like this – a well earned treat indeed.  Well earned by over-charging for their (admittedly orgasmic) coffee?!!  I feel like quoting dora the explorer “Swiper, no swiping!” or “Scoibthaí ná Scoib!”  Jiminy Meepers Like!


Tríona said...

Accept the chocolate. Post it to me.

The Bug said...

Or me. You could send it to Triona one day & me the next.

Niamh B said...

I wouldn't do it to your healths!!!! :-)

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