Thursday, January 19, 2012


I have no idea what to blog about, was going to blog about the lonely voice website, which features a story of mine - yay - back when I had stories, but Brian Kirk beat me to it. Click over on the right there - my story's in Jan 2010.
But I still thought I'd like to blog. I so like that feeling when people comment, or click in, it's just so fuzzy and warm. And yet, I fear, they won't come back too quick if all I have here is a rambling wishy washy post about nothing.
That's not what the people want.
The people want "The Truth" "Answers" "Something that isn't nothing"
so here it is
I'm over a week back at "work" and it feels like when I first ventured into that cruel world from college land... when blinking I emerged into the morning darkness every day, before partygoers go to bed, to get up and go to work... and how shocked I used to be to see the sheer volume of crazy people going to work, and how bemused I used to be at how seriously they could talk about something minute and ridiculous as if the whole world hinged on the answer. How it seemed like life or death to some. How they stayed there for such a very long time... all the way from morning... till practically night fall.
Nowadays, none of that comes as a shock, and weirdly I quite like the place where I work, most of the people I work with, etc... I know I'm very lucky to have a job at all. But god it's still a long day, and the evening is sooo short, danger cushions hardly has time to say "Welcome home Mama" before it's time for his evening jog and then bed. And I'm not even doing long hours right now, I'm home by 6pm most days. No doubt I'll readjust in time.
So that's the truth (or at least the most pressing issue) of my little world right now. Feel free to share yours in the comment box.


Titus said...

Nah, I like fuzzy, warm, rambling and wishy-washy.

I actually quite liked going back to work, but I think you are probably much better at the baby-stage than I was (see post below). I only really liked mine when they could hold their own spoons and fell asleep, food-spattered, in their high chairs.
That said, I went back to a very flexible post where I could effectively organise my own work hours. It's actually now that I'm having to consider going full-time at something else (redundancy is, unfortunately, beckoning) that I'm thinking, 'No! How can I leave the house at 7.30am every day and not get back till 6pm." - and emotionally I'm quite torn. The logistics are pants as well, with husband working shifts and child-care in very small Scottish villages not so readily available.

If it's any consolation, in any conversation with the children that begins, "Do you remember when..." they don't remember bugger all until they're about 4.

Louise said...

Ah I love wishy-washy too - it's more real than most of the so called truths. It's tough, it's tiring, it's a weird kind of nice to be here, but when you get home, wonder why you've been somewhere else type of feeling. You are missing Danger cushions far more than he is missing you - and Titus is right they remember little, in fact my crown only ever seem to remember the bad bits, so either way you're doomed. Roll on the weekend, mon-fri's make them more special!

Louise said...

Meant crowd not crown - but sure you like things fuzzy:)

The Bug said...

After my own whiny post last night I have nothing negative to say to you, that's for sure. I know it's really rude that you have to go back to work at all!

Niamh B said...

don't know if I'm better Titus, maybe better at using it as an excuse for laziness in other areas!!
Louise - am well aware danger doesn't see it as half as bad - I'm only the star for 20 mins when I arrive home, then he's all about his Dad again! but yes, yay for the weekend!
Must look at that post Bug. Errah I suppose the real world had to happen again, just lucky it's not actually too bad!!

Rachel Fox said...

I'm so long out of the world of "going to work" that reading this is liking reading sci-fi or something. You could always make yourself unemployable (easy - I could do consultancy...).

And it's true - they remember nothing. And if you don't take photos to help them... they remember even less.

Dominic Rivron said...

Yeah -fuzzy, warm, wishy-washy... We don't mind. You post the posts, we'll post the comments.

I suppose I ought to leave a fuzzy warm wishywashy comment. Not difficult as I'm feeling fuzzy warm and wishywashy. I'm sat here in an armchair with a laptop...There's snooker on the telly 'cause I havent bothered to turn it off...The electric fire is on...I ought to stop surfing the net and go to bed as it's gone midnight...

Kat Mortensen said...

I think a poem about emerging into the morning darkness and the re-assimilation into the work-world would be quite fantastic.

I haven't gone out to work since 2006, and I don't miss that early morning scene one bit. I do admit, I often feel guilty as my husband dons his winter gear to face the blistering wind on the other side of the door. I make sure I have something warm and tasty for when he returns(to assuage the guilt, I suppose).

Totalfeckineejit said...

Maybe you could do a post about wishy-washing your hair, or the car, or the baby.
As a recovering blogaholic I'd like to share that I have a splinter in the thumb of my left hand.

Niamh B said...

rachel - twas like sci fi experiencing it too!!
Dominic - that's possibly one of my favourite comments of all time
Kat, it'd make a great poem if I only had the time to write it!! ha
TFE- wishing you a speedy recovery - from the splinter