Sunday, October 16, 2011

Some dark ones

So, in mindfulness that Halloween's coming up - the various cushions charity art auction has plenty of things to scare the kiddies - darlings that they are....

see yesterday's post for info on how you can claim - meanwhile - on with the ORT!!!!

- this selection come from dark places, cos I know some of ye are into that kinda thang

"Creepy face behind the bouquet" and "Sad woman who doesn't exist"
(note - sometimes I'm too lazy to photograph pictures separately - that doesn't mean they can't be separated in real life)

"The Wreck of the Hespers"


"Boy" - from the U2 album cover

There are 16 more masterpieces to come in the next few days, but don't worry - feel free to start the bidding, you can take as many as you like, pick one from each day perhaps. First bid wins - tell us what you plan to do for charity if you wish, or blog about it, or just take the pic and run, I'll trust ye to do the right thing.
(and if no one is bidding - please take one just to make me feel better- you can always put it in your green bin when it arrives!! :-)


120 Socks said...

The sad woman who doesn't exist gets my vote anyhow!!

Rachel Fox said...

Yes, another vote for sad woman. Do we fight to the death for it now?

The Dead Acorn said...

So how does one go about bidding on The Wreck Of The Hespers?

Niamh B said...

Ok so I was hoping for bids rather than votes... First bid wins tho, so if socks actually wants the pic, it's hers... sorry Rachel :( there's lots more to choose from.
Acorn - all you need to do is say you're bidding on it. Since you're the first mentioner of it you get first dibs now, but then to complete the bid I'll need you to email me at niamh dot bagnell at gmail dot com, so I can get the delivery address from ya.
More pics going up today