Friday, February 24, 2012


Did you know Ireland has a secret service?

Now maybe I dreamed this, but I heard someone on the radio this morning saying their funding had been increased by 76%.

I can only assume they've been hiring in new staff with this money and one of the newbies disastrously, mistakenly took it upon themselves to release a press release. They were probably instantly fired on the spot. Men in black erased all their memories and they were dropped back to the corn field.... or something.

If the irish ss IS looking to replace that particular specimen, they need look no further. Yes I can be the spy with the eye, the agent with the stage-ent, the undercover with the brover... you get my drift.

I've proven, I think, by recent performance here, that I can also be extremely secretive when I want to be. I haven't let a word slip about my adventures of the past number of weeks. No, not even anything about danger pulling himself up on the couch to stand up - then true to his name letting go, not a hint about the fun of a course in writing that I'm attending in the people's republic, no sniff of the festivals I am failing to get to, or the million movies I'm watching before my free months trial of netflix runs out. No, these, and many other secrets can be safely counted as under my care. Secure. Secret.
Ye know where to find me ss, if ye need me... ye know where to find everyone.
(yes I am just trying to flatter them so they'll approach me)

(and yes, this is probably exactly the post someone who was really in the iss would write, just to throw ye off the scent, and this kind of comment would be further proof)


Kat Mortensen said...

Heeellooo! I don't know about anyone else, but I want to know about the movies. You know me; it's all about the movies, oh and books. Yes. Oh, and food, musn't forget that.

No need for spies here; I'm an open book.

Love that photo btw. And well done, Mr. Danger!

The Dead Acorn said...

The whole world's been wondering what's become of you. We are looking forward to the debriefing (even if you have to kill us immediately afterward).

Dominic Rivron said...

ridifind phoss, I typed, to prove I was not a robot. Perhaps these word verifications are coded messages to international ISS operatives...

Titus said...

Run! Your dog is a vampire.

The Bug said...

Well the post made me laugh, but your commenters are hilarious too. My word verification is plaware eallM - I just know that has to mean something important!

Niamh B said...

Kat, the movies are mostly rubbish - today watched a bollywood one, was rubbish but in a really interesting way - I love the odd translations. Someone "preponed" her trip in the film I was watching. I just know I'm gonna use that one.
Acorn - you already know too much. Watch your back!
Dominic, and Bug - ye really shouldn't be spreading the secret words around in public like that! Ridifind phoss indeed.
Tks Titus for the helpful observation!! :-) - how did you recognise her in the wig though?

Kat Mortensen said...

That's a wig?!

Anonymous said...

The DEAD ACORN and 76% ?
Fuck u , man.
VARIC is in the DOMPR.
So is " 6UDU341" and SILVER DRAGONS.
So, just fuck off.
Know just how much you're fucked?