Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Case of the mysterious dissappearance of the magical flying CarPet

Yes the wonderful little car pet that I spoke of in the last post is no more. He was last seen Tuesday morning, and stuck with the front windscreen as far as Castledermot, it is rumoured that he may have kept going straight there for Carlow. Tis a pity. I think the fame got to him, all the people eager for news of him, simply got to his tiny little head, not to mention those calling for his death!
New resolution for me regarding blogs by the way - "must not ever do blogging unless have done some other more important work - ie real writing.... even a little bit." So whenever there's a post here, you'll know it's a little reward for me, having done something brilliant for myself - the post will be a celebration, a little whooppee for me - rather than the work dodging excuse it has sometimes been up to now. And by work I mean real work in the pretentious "My life's work ie writing great novels" kinda way. Not the other thing.

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