Sunday, February 12, 2017


Have you ever watched the International Space Station live feed?  on youtube?

Here's the edge of night-time from over the atlantic - just off the edge of Canada, just as I type - screen shotted

You really gotta check it out

You can even see where in the world you're looking at on the map here

It makes you feel pretty small, and also freaks you out - i mean what if you see the other side of the world exploding, how long would the internet still work for?


The Bug said...

That is an EXCELLENT question! If you're into such doomsday things, I recommend reading Station Eleven. No internet - no electricity even. It's horrifying!

Dónal said...

Station Eleven Eh? Will check that out some time, thanks Bug!

roth phallyka said...

no electricity even. It's horrifying!