Monday, December 15, 2014

Wilde and Silent

That's what I've been watching, instead of going back to TV land, I've been watching youtube classics, there was a good version of "The Importance of being Earnest" from the 60's, but others of his have been harder to find... well apart from the Am Dram versions.  So now I've moved on to Silent movies - it just occured to me, I've a lot of catching up to do on my "Silent Movies" front, so now I'm enjoying that particular artform, when time to myself rears its head.
I'm currently watching Russian 1930 film "Earth" on the split screen, I think they mean Earth in the kind of Fieldy sense, as opposed to the planet.  There's lots of angry looking farmers and a minute ago there was a very meaningful looking horse, plenty of slow eating too.  The worst thing about silent movies though is that if your attention meanders at the wrong split second you miss the dialogue... which can be crucial.  "Sunrise: a song of two humans" would've been pretty hard to figure out without the line "Maybe she could get drowned" as the mistress said to the husband, while they were talking about his wife.  There was loads of sky in Russia in 1930, did  you know that?  Continental style sky - everything's better on continents.
No other news here really, just thought I'd share my cultural meanderings with you for a minute.  hope the build up to the HAP HAPiest time is working well for you wherever you are.

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The Bug said...

Oof - you're getting more screen time than I am. Although we watched a fascinating show about WWII the other night, as well as the first half of the second terminator movie :)