Sunday, February 17, 2013


This week, there was a poetry festival in town, and I was delighted to attend the award giving for the Gregory O Donohue prize.
I found myself getting nervous in the audience, as the compere read out stuff the judge had said about the entries... I found myself feeling like maybe they'll say I was the winner, though I didn't enter, maybe I was still the poet of extraordinary quality that was about to be presented with a big fat cheque... (they didn't present the cheque on stage as it turned out - that's a bit too lotto i suppose)...  I did the same in first year of secondary school when the student of the year was being announced - I have a ridiculous level of optimism sometimes, perhaps it was because i had just written a poem at home for the first time in yonks.

Following the poet who came third, and then the poet who came first came 5 emerging poets.

The first was the most emerging of emerging - sure didn't she come up with the name, it was great to see Kate from Emerging Writer fame doing her thing again.  I found her "it's what's in it" poem very touching, and even asked afterwards was it a new version, cos I never remembered it hitting home so much before, but maybe that's just a side effect of having grown up and having an actual singing dancing munchkin of my own.  Flaming for Vincent was a bit of a classic too.  I won't tell you about the others, you should have been there, if you're so interested.


Emerging Writer said...

It was lovely to see you. And congrats for exercising the poetry muscles. Twas a lovely festival.
I always get that feeling, maybe they made a mistake and I did actually win. That's because we are both brilliant. And Optimists

The Bug said...

I've done that before at work - it's most disappointing when I don't win even if I know that it would have been impossible (for example, I can't win Manager of the Year because I'm not a manager - but maybe they would consider my fine management of my own tasks to be worthy of note. No?).

Rachel Fox said...

You did won a munchkin!

Louise said...

I want some of your optimism - and you are a winner!!! xx L

Niamh B said...

tks emerging, hope you enjoyed the rest of the fest
Bug - some day they'll appreciate you, there'll be trophies!!!
I did Rachel... he's a definite prize!
Louise you don't need optimism, you've talent!! and proper dedication!!