Sunday, January 20, 2013

Once a Week Wendy

So, I've decided to try and live a more organised life.

Being organised, for me, means bringing things upstairs with me when I'm going upstairs.  Mainly things that belong upstairs, not just everything, I'm selective.  It works the other way too, I try to bring things downstairs  that belong downstairs.  (can you believe you just wasted 7 seconds of your life reading that?)  But it obviously doesn't work all the time - otherwise why would there be so many things in the wrong place in the first place, although I can proudly say I've never left Plaice in the wrong place, (mainly because I wouldn't bring Plaice back to my place in the first place).
So, bottom line, what does this mean for you, talented reader and decipherer of intermittent gibberish?  It means that I am endeavouring from now on, to supply you with gibberish at a target frequency of once per week, thanks to all the extra time I'll have in my life from being more organised.

This week I will tell you all about LesMis, in case you haven't seen it.  Just the important bits mind:
They sing all the way through.  There are close ups of people you'd prefer to see from the back row of the Point Depot back in the day (though you'd give out about the acoustics there, just to fit in with everyone else who gave out about it).  There's a child on a horse drawn carraige, cgi'd onto it - in this day and age - without a hair moving in the breeze and him meant to be trotting along, and I found that toe-curlingly annoying, I mean - just put the child on a real carraige - did he have some kind of equestrian allergy?  - steps around obvious joke here -.  Sacha Baron Cohen is brilliant in it, I just love funny bits in anything, especially in something so completely miserable outside of the funny bits - makes the funny bits shine even shinier.
That song "Bring him home" is actually from a "shortly after Dad meets daughter boyfriend moment", and isn't half as moving in it's real context as it was in all those imagined contexts I had for it down through the years, having conveniently forgotten its context in the point that night, or maybe they left it out that night, from what I remember it was long enough....
That is all.

Tune in again next week for more top quality Gibber Jabber.


Dominic Rivron said...

Sounds like you need two dumb waiters. You can put upstairs stuff in one when you think of it and downstairs stuff in the other. Now and again you pull the rope or the handle or whatever you do to dumb waiters and hey presto.

The Bug said...

Well sure dumb waiters would work for YOU, but we have a ranch style home. What's to help me get things from the kitchen back to the bathroom & vice versa? Ooh - I need one of those tube things from the bank! I wonder if they sell them large enough to accommodate stacks of towels?

Niamh B said...

It's that or move to a Bungalow Dominic!
Let us know if you manage to find one Bug!!!