Monday, June 11, 2012

Book of Faces

I bought a new phone at the weekend, finally caving and abandoning my less intelligent hand set for a so called "Smart" phone.  A boy barely older than my son sold it to me, and when he heard my date of birth as part of the interaction, he proceeded to write down all the apps I should get - including facebook... he didn't think me capable of remembering to get facebook.  I need new wrinkle cream.
In other news - this has led to the ability to get photos onto the computer without using a lead.  Like magic it is.
So I give you - "Danger on a train" he's the one hanging out the back - little stunt man - no wires or anything.

In other news - The Scottish Book Trust has an article about IPYPIASM in scottish schools... that's gonna be worth a lot of points when the season starts... See here - isn't that exciting?  Well it was for me - thanks to all the Scots IPYPIers for firing that teacher's imagination.

In still other news - I'm heading to the medicine sessions on Thursday night.  Really looking forward to seeing the famous published poet Peadar O'Busahue doing his thing.  Going to read a few pomes myself for the first time in over a year.... I'm not saying I'm nervous, but I might do a passable impression of someone reading poetry while driving over a bumpy road.

Now off to find this Face Book thing the young people are always on about.


Rachel Fox said...

Take some photos of the Sessions for us overseas will you?

Titus said...

Ooh, you're so techno techno. Incredible the trains still seem to be steam ones.

Yes, photos! And Peadar! Too exciting, and you'll be great. You are great. And famous. Make sure he takes one of you.

Titus said...

Just realised those carriages have tyres. That is techno. And spotted the right toddler now. Cool!

The Bug said...

What a cute almost-glimpsed little face! I demand more pictures! You can do them of his back if he doesn't want the publicity.

Have fun at the Medicine sessions - give our fearless leader a kiss for me :)

And woot about the IPYPIASM!

niamh said...

thats great about the spread of IPYPIASM! And good luck at the poetry reading, but please no more talk of smart phones and such, I dont want to accidently understand anything about new technology:)

Niamh B said...

I will indeed Rachel and Titus, long as the lighting is complimentary.
Yes it was a fierce fancy train.
Tks Bug! More pics surely on the way.
niamh - tis isn't it? there'll be no chance of finding anything out about technology here! Never fear